Appointment of the Mission Advisory Group

TO: The Gonzaga University Community
FROM: Thayne M. McCulloh, Ph.D.
SUBJ: Appointment of the Mission Advisory Group
DATE: September 13, 2010

The Gonzaga University Mission Statement identifies us as a higher education institution that is Jesuit, Catholic, and humanistic.  As such, we are called both as individuals and collectively to engage in discourse and activity which helps us to understand how our Mission Statement and the values embedded in it are to inform our work-regardless of whether that work occurs inside the classroom or outside of it. While we have had a cabinet level position for mission for more than a decade, we have not engaged in the intentional, deliberative exploration of the content and form that this aspect of our identity deserves. I am, therefore, taking the current opening in the position of Vice President for Mission as an opportunity to create a conversation around essential definitional questions related to the overarching questions of mission at Gonzaga.

It is my pleasure to announce, with gratitude, the membership of a Mission Advisory Group which will serve the immediate function of identifying, planning, and sponsoring mission-related activities while they begin, in cooperation with the administration, the Jesuit Community, and all of you, the process of fostering deeper understanding of our mission-based institutional identity and of the structures and activities by which we can best carry out that important work. The following individuals were nominated with input from the President of the Faculty and the President of the Staff Assembly, and I am so pleased that they are willing to collaborate with us on matters of Mission in the year to come:

  • Jane Hession
  • Craig Hightower, S.J.
  • Ellen Maccarone
  • Molly Pepper
  • Matt Rindge
  • John Traynor

As previously announced, the Mission Advisory Group will be co-chaired by Sr. Mary Garvin, SNJM and Fr. Steve Kuder, S.J.

As these colleagues begin to meet, more information will be forthcoming about programs and opportunities for involvement.  Those interested in participating or with questions may contact the co-chairs directly or through the Office of the President, at extension 6103. Thank you.

Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil.

Chief of Staff to the President
John Sklut

Exec. Assistant to the President
Julia Bjordahl

Admin. Assistant/Event Coordinator
Allison Peterson