Contacts - Office of Mission

Vice President's Office

Fr. Frank Case, S.J. - Vice President for Mission (ext. 6191)

Fr. James Voiss, S.J. - Assistant Vice President for Mission (ext. 6191)

Fr. George Morris, S.J. - Special Assistant to the Vice President (ext. 6019)

Shanea Giroux - Assistant, Office of Mission (ext. 6191)

Erik Mertens - Alumni Faith Formation Coordinator (ext. 4262)

Jesuit Liaisons

To attend to the pedagogical needs of our faculty in the classroom and the spiritual needs of our staff and faculty through out their work lives, the Office of Mission is proud to employ Jesuit Liaisons.

These liaisons are assigned to our seven professional schools and act as a point of contact for everything Jesuit. If you are in need of guidance on Jesuit pedagogy, an invocation at a meeting, or any other service for which they can be of assistance please contact the liaison to your school.

College of Arts and Sciences - Fr. Jim Voiss, S.J. ( or ext 6093)

School of Business - Fr. Frank Case, S.J. ( or ext. 6191)

School of Education - Fr. Jim Voiss, S.J.

School of Engineering -  Fr. Jim Voiss, S.J.

Foley Library - Fr. Frank Case, S.J.

School of Law - Fr. Jim Voiss, S.J.

School of Professional Studies - Fr. Jim Voiss, S.J.