Community Standards

Learn the Code. Live the Code.

The Office of Community Standards provides resources, education, and processes regarding the University’s conduct expectations. We strive to equip students with the capacity to respect the dignity of all members of the community, respond with honesty and integrity, and accept responsibility for their actions. We work to maintain a balance between individual needs and the Gonzaga University community.

The Student Handbook outlines expectations for student conduct and includes topics such as:

  • University Standards, including policies such as:
         Alcohol Policy
         Drug Policy
         Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy
         Housing and Residence Life Policies
         Prohibited Conduct
         Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy
  • University Resources
  • University Conduct Process
The Office of Community Standards is available to provide resources, including presentations for students, faculty, staff, and parents to learn about the University’s standards of conduct and administrative conduct processes.

Paula Smith
Director of Student Conduct

Jae Webb
Assistant Director of Student Conduct

Cortney Brewer
Conduct Specialist

Nicole Bucher
Program Assistant

Office of Community Standards
Crosby Center 202
Spokane, WA 99258-0094