Career Planning

Launching a Career!

1.)  Identify your interests, passions, skills, abilities, and values

  • Do you want to work with people, computers, ideas? How important is salary, geographic location and the size of the organization?
  • Visit the Counseling Center for career counseling and planning, and to take the Myers-Briggs (personality type indicator) and/or the Strong Interest Inventory (which will identify, clarify and expand possible career options).
2.) Learn about occupations and careers related to your interests

  • What are jobs that interest you and you are suited to do? What are some of the different job titles in the major you are studying?
  • What type of educational background and/or job skills will you need to pursue this field?
  • Utilize the eSIGI 3 program (which will help you to explore and choose career fields) offered online through the Counseling Center.
  • Job shadow and conduct an informational interview to gather information and network.
  • Connect with a mentor through the Gonzaga Alumni Mentor Program (GAMP) and explore occupations that appeal to your personal interests, values, and skill set.
  • NACE Salary Calculator and Compensation Data Center

3.) Research companies, organizations, and industries

  • Find out what organizations have jobs that interest you. Where is this employer located? What type of qualities, skills and experiences are they looking for in an intern/employee?
  • Make a list of employers that you are interested in interning with or working for in the future.
  • Seek feedback on your résumé or recommendations on your job search from professionals in specific career fields through the GAMP network.

4.) Prepare a résumé, cover letter, and list of references

  • Draft a résumé and cover letter that reflect your skills, abilities, education, and work experience that will be of interest to the employers.
  • Individual appointments, resources materials, and workshops are available in the Career Center to assist you with your professional preparation.

5.) Utilize a ZagTrax account

  • Set up your account at:
  • Search for jobs and internships within your major and preferred geographic location.
  • Create an on-line portfolio: upload your resume, cover letter, and scan in your letters of recommendation. Then, apply for internships and jobs posted on ZagTrax.

6.) Network with faculty, alumni and colleagues to find opportunities

  • Build relationships, collect information & ideas, and gain perspective on various professions and careers.
  • Use the GAMP network to access the "hidden job market" and discover the jobs that are available but not advertised. Contacts are available in specific career fields and geographic locations.

7.) Gain relevant experience

  • Locate and complete an internship during the academic year or summer. All Gonzaga student are encouraged to complete at least two during their college career because this will make them stand out. Applying for an internship is just like applying for a job: you will need to draft a quality resume, cover letter, and list of references, and prepare for an interview. Visit the Career Center to prepare yourself for your internship and sign up on ZagTrax to locate relevant internships.
  • Job shadowing is also an excellent route to explore a variety of work settings within a limited time frame. This will help you to locate the internship site that is right for you.
  • Become involved with service, community involvement, and volunteering.

8.)  Prepare ahead of time and practice for interviews

  • Attend the Interview Preparation workshop hosted by the Career Center to practice and hone your interviewing skills.
  • Sign up on ZagTrax to attend an on-campus interview/recruitment session with a desired employer.
  • Send a thank you note (hand written) immediately after contact or an interview with an employer.

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