Picture of Juanita Jasso
Juanita Jasso

MSC Box 2466

Phone: 509-313-4108

UMEC Staff Contact For:
-Chi-Urban Excursion 
-Intentional Initiatives  

Picture of David H. Garcia
David H. Garcia
Assistant Director

MSC Box 2466

Phone: (509)313-4105
Fax: (509)313-5844

UMEC Staff Contact for:
-Multicultural Honor Society (MCHS)
-Real Talk Series
-Deconstructing Series
-Diversity Monologues
-National Speakers

Picture of Shawn Washington
Shawn Washington
Act Six & UMEC Programs Specialist

MSC Box 2466

Phone: 509-313-5835

UMEC Staff Contact for:
-Act Six
-Mocktail Movie Nights
-Cultural Awareness Nights
-Crafting Unity Series
-GU Iron Chef
-National Speakers

Picture of Deb Ellis
Deb Ellis
Senior Program Assistant

MSC Box 2466

Phone: 509-313-6368

UMEC Staff Contact for:
-Room Reservations
-Work study employees
-International Day of Tolerance (IDOT)
-Study Breaks

Picture of Rosemary Muriungi
Rosemary Muriungi
LEADS Program Coordinator

MSC 2466

Phone: 509-313-4037

UMEC Staff Contact for:
-LEADS Mentoring Program