Student Development Office

Our Mission

In partnership with students, faculty, administrators and other members of the Gonzaga University community, the Student Development Office assists students in the pursuit of an education based on Jesuit tradition and the Gonzaga University Mission Statement.

Students come to Gonzaga University as unique individuals with contributions to offer and talents to be developed. We strive to know the students personally, encourage them to grow and mature, as we seek to enrich their education by challenging them to act on all areas of their development. Recognizing growth as a continuous process, we are sensitive and responsive to the spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth needs of our students.

We want students to commit to excellence; to develop their talents more fully; to be involved in the educational community; to develop mutual respect for and sensitivity to others; to commit to honesty; to communicate openly; to value and to offer service to others; to increase their awareness of the oppressed; and to work for a just society.

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