Man Talk

Areyou a ‘bro’ but feel you deserve more for yourself?
Are you not a ‘bro’ at all?

Do ManTalk!

In a 1-hour every-other week mini-retreat in your hall ManTalk gives men the opportunity to come together to share experiences and your lives about men and masculinity with one another in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment. 

In ManTalk: YOU are the expert!

* Alcohol
* Relationships
* Music
* Sports
* Violence
* Facebook
* Spirituality
* Service

* Catherine/Monica
* Coughlin
* Crimont
* DeSmet
* Madonna
* Roncalli


Charlie Rogers – Roncalli
Kevo Caroll – DeSmet
Justin Garcia – Madonna
Max Archer – Crimont
Matt Lyons – C/M
Tyler Popa – Coughlin