Early Arrivals & Late Departures

The University has a variety of demands on its housing accommodations ranging from conference groups, to repair and renovation schedules, cleaning schedules and the staffing of the residence halls and timing of their readiness and availability to work with residents. At certain points in the year we focus more on one type of resident than another, for instance freshmen on Orientation Friday.

At certain points in our calendar year, it is also exponentially more risky to stay on site when most other students are not also in the residence hall and staff is not available.

Due to these and a whole lot of similar things that impact our availability, we have policies in place regarding any requests to arrive early or depart late.

Both Early Arrivals and Late Departures are outside the specific Rental Agreement date boundaries. As such, they are ONLY considered if requested in writing (using forms we provide) and only approved in writing by a professional staff member of the Department of Housing and Residence Life. Such forms are considered legally binding Addendums to the Rental Agreement you have signed. That means any statement you or the University makes on that document, including pricing, is legally binding upon the party who made the statement, unless revoked in writing.

Early Arrivals:

Early arrivals are discouraged. The only early arrivals we embrace are those which are scheduled to assist the University to open a semester/season. Such requests, prior to approval, must also be people named in writing by the requesting department/office.  For instance, if you will help as a staff member of the orientation weekend, the Orientation Office must have supplied your name to the Dept. of Housing and Residence Life prior to your written request. Another category of early arrivals are students staffing or participating in early orientation events, or required to arrive early by the athletic office.

Some of the types of early arrivals we do NOT invite:
  1. Students who are siblings of students mentioned above to check in early.
  2. Students living in apartments so they can set up their apartments.
  3. Returning residents to check in because their sibling is a freshman checking in earlier
  4. Roommates of someone checking in earlier
  5. Dropping off students so parents can go on their vacation
  6. Students who have a summer sublease that has expired before the official check-in date.

We do understand that for a variety of private and legitimate reasons, families sometimes have to make some of these decisions. However, those who insist or arrive early without warning, or people such as listed above, will be charged $80 a day for all days prior to the actual start date of their Rental Agreements. Remember that the annual room rate you are paying is for the dates mentioned in that Agreement, not for dates outside that Agreement! We encourage you to plan carefully the cost of this versus hotel rooms in the local areas, or the cost of two trips to GU if needed. We absolutely guarantee the experience of checking in early at GU is far less pleasant than the experience of staying in a nice air conditioned hotel where staff and rooms are 100% ready to receive you at a moment's notice. We simply are not ready to effectively provide the experience we know we can, until the Rental Agreement dates arrive.

One last comment about early arrivals: the request in writing must be received and answered substantially prior to your arrival. The request is forwarded through several levels to determine if we already have the keys from another department, if the summer occupant has moved out, if the custodians have come in and turned over the space, etc. This takes a number of days, not hours. Last minute requests may not be something we can “honor” depending on the specific location involved.

Late Departures:

Contrary to popular belief, there are still quite a few students with finals on Thursday and Friday, and quite a few students done by Monday or Tuesday. Those students done early have little quiet activity to occupy their time, when our halls are still on 24/7 quiet hours. Thus, students are expected to depart within 24 hours of their last final exam, or Saturday by 6:00p.m., whichever comes first. 

Requests for extensions must be made by “everyone” needing to stay late, including graduating students who have weekend graduation ceremonies. There is always a published deadline for turning in such requests in the spring. One place we publish that is in our closing newsletter in the second half of April, which we will post to the “parent” portion of our housing website. Students receive this via campus email. The same standards, prices, reasons apply as to what categories of students granted these extensions. 

The only students allowed to stay later than Sunday of graduation weekend are graduating seniors, international students with complicated overseas returns, students transitioning to Summer Session I housing, students finishing up academic work such as student teaching or nursing internships, or athletic commitments/seasons. Even students helping the University stage graduation activities are required to check out and depart by 6:00p.m. Sunday of graduation weekend.