Leaving for Breaks

Here are a few reminders for when you plan to leave for breaks:
  • Disconnect all electrical appliances, including VCR's, TV's, computers, and stereos.
  • Lock and secure all windows and doors.
  • Take all personal valuables with you or leave them with a friend or neighbor for the safety of those items.
  • Stop mail and newspaper deliveries or have them taken in by a neighbor.
  • Pull down shades or close curtains on windows.
  • Notify trusted neighbors. Ask them to watch your apartment and to look for unusual or suspicious activities in the area.
  • Leave a key with a neighbor who can check in on the apartment for you and will have it in case of an emergency.
  • Bag and remove all trash.
  • Do not leave a message on the answering machine stating that you are away or the date that you will return.
  • Move your thermostat to 60 for winter (65 if you have house plants). In summer or hot weather, set thermostat at 80. This will save you on utility usage. For units that have their own water heaters, money can be saved by turning the water heater thermostat down to "warm" settings or a very low temperature.
  • Most important - LOCK UP!!!
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