Whether or not the Health Center is open, call 911 first.

If you have to ask yourself: "Is this an emergency?,"  it probably is so call 911 immediately. Get the paramedics here first, then notify Gonzaga operators and they will have Security assist you. The number for Security Dispatch is (509)313-2222. There is no charge for a paramedic response, only for ambulance transportation. Taxi service may be arranged through the GU operator.

For after hours care consider one of the following:
  • Call Family Medicine Spokane at (509) 624-2313 to speak with a physician.
  • Visit a local Urgent Care Center. 
  • Visit a local Emergency Room.
Local Urgent Care Centers
  • Rockwood Clinic  Urgent Care - 400 E Fifth Ave, Spokane WA 99202  (509) 838-2531
  • Franklin Park Urgent Care - 5904 N Division, Spokane WA 99207 (509) 489-1150
  • U.S. HealthWorks - 2005 E 29th, Spokane WA 9203 (509) 747-0770

If you have transportation concerns and need a ride to a local Urgent Care call (509) 313-5878 to arrange a Health Ride.

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