Financial Information and Fees

General Information

The University’s cost of providing a Gonzaga education is not borne solely by student tuition and fees. The annual Jesuit Community gift, endowment income, and gifts of many types from individuals, firms, and foundations constitute some of the other revenue sources essential for a balanced budget.

However, revenue from student charges constitutes most of Gonzaga’s income. Student charges (less verified financial aid) are payable in full in U.S. dollars on a per semester basis, no later than three weeks prior to the beginning of the term. Knowing that payment in full presents a burden for many parents and students, Gonzaga offers two installment plans which cover the academic year and spread payments over a period of either eight or ten months.

Eight and Ten Month Installment Plans

With each of these payment options, estimated tuition, room, and board expenses for the academic year are payable in equal monthly installments. The plans require an application and fee. There is, however, no interest charged. Verified financial aid is deducted from the total amount due. The application deadline for the 10 Month Installment Plan is June 1st. Payments begin July 1st and run through the following April.

The application deadline for the 8 Month Installment Plan is August 1st. Payments begin September 1st and run through the following April.

December graduates or students enrolling in the spring semester for the first time should contact Student Accounts for semester payment options.

Students who are admitted to the University after the application deadlines given above may apply within two weeks of their acceptance date.

NOTE: All charges are payable in U.S. Funds. Student Accounts accepts cash and checks for payment on account. Electronic payment is also available which includes e-Check at no charge to the student and credit card payment through American Express, MasterCard, Discover and VISA with a 2.75% service fee. For additional information, go to: and click on the ‘Billing and Payment’ link.

Third Party Sponsors

A student whose account will be paid by a corporate or foreign sponsor, a government agency, a religious institution, a scholarship foundation or trust account, requires proof of sponsorship in the Student Accounts Office to confirm their classes.

Confirmation Deposit

In order to reserve a place in the student body, each first-time entering student is required to pay a $400.00 confirmation deposit. This will apply as a credit toward first semester tuition expenses. Confirmation deposits are non-refundable unless written notification of cancellation of enrollment is received by the Admission Office prior to its deadline dates.

Room Reservation/Damage Deposit

Students are expected to make housing reservations with the Housing Office prior to April 15th for fall semester and prior to December 1st for spring semester. All new students must complete and sign a Residential Living Application/Agreement. Reservations for new students must be accompanied by a $200 advance room deposit fee which is non-refundable after June 1st for fall semester and January 1st for spring semester. This room reservation deposit converts to a room damage deposit at the time of first registration. Damage deposits are left on account until the student leaves the housing system permanently. Damage deposits are refundable when a student checks out of the residence hall or leaves the University and appropriate damage charges, if any, have been assessed.

Returning students who have been refunded their damage deposit are required to resubmit a damage deposit of $200. Room reservation deposits are non-refundable unless written notification of cancellation of room reservation is received by the Housing Office prior to the deadline dates.

Withdrawals from the University

Students withdrawing completely from the University must obtain a Complete Withdrawal form from the Academic Advising and Assistance Office. Tuition adjustments are calculated in Student Accounts. Final adjustments are based on the effective date of the withdrawal and exclude non-refundable fees. Room and board are pro-rated throughout the semester. Laboratory fees are not refunded after the first full week of classes. Financial aid funds are refunded in accordance with federal, state, and University regulations.

The withdrawal refund schedule and refund schedule for dropped classes are available in the Student Accounts and Financial Aid offices.


The University reserves the right to change any costs without notice. It further reserves the right to withhold student information, including transcripts and diplomas, until a student’s account has been paid in full. No student will be allowed to register for an ensuing semester if a balance is owed for a prior semester. A finance charge of 12% per annum pro rata (365 days) on any amount more than thirty days past due will be added to a student’s account, or a rebilling fee of 1% of the amount due or $2.00, whichever is greater, will be added to a student’s account. A “No Payment/No Arrangement Fee” of 3% of the amount due will be charged to a student not meeting the established payment deadline.

Tuition Schedule (Academic Year 2013 - 2014)
Full-time (12-18 credits), per semester,   including Student Activity Fee $17,285
Excess Credits, per credit 965
Part-time (1-11 credits), per credit 965
Bachelor of General Studies, (1-12 credits) Regular, per credit 545
Excess BGS credits (over 12)  per credit 965

Study Abroad Programs:
    Contact the Study Abroad Office at (509) 313-3549

Special Programs:
Dual H.S. Enrollment, part-time (6 credit limit per semester), per course 375
Dual Enrollment, Administrative Fee 15

Of Record (recorded on transcript), per credit 965
No Record/No Credit, per credit 370

Notes: l) Tuition schedules for graduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and law programs are contained in separate catalogues.
2) Physical Education activity courses may not be taken on an “audit” basis.

Special Fees: 2013-2014

I. Academic Fees:
Application Fee: 50
Summer Session Administrative Fee: 40
Graduation Fee: 50
Studies Abroad Administrative Fee:
per semester
Dual Enrollment Administrative Fee: 15
Late Add/Drop, Withdrawal Fee, per course: 50
Late Graduation Fee: 75
Late Registration Fee: 50
Replacement of ID Cards: 20
Installment Plan Application $65-$100
Tuition Deposit: (Full refund prior to 5/1) 400
Housing Deposit: (Full refund prior to 6/1) 200
Fitness Center Fee:
Full-time Undergraduate, per semester 95
Optional, for all other undergraduate categories, (per semester) 150
Optional, entire summer 30
Course Challenge Fee:
Undergraduate only, per credit 50
Transcript Fee: per official copy 5
Technology Fees:
Full-time Student, per semester 130
Part-time Student, per semester 70
Summer, per session 38
ESL, per session 65
Gonzaga in Florence, per semester 130
Mandatory Accident Insurance, per year 35
Laboratory Fees:
Art 50-65
Biology 125
Broadcasting 50-70
Chemistry 110
Communications Arts: 10-70
Alt Special Ed Practicum (per credit)
Education Field Experience (per credit)
Methods 10-25
Special Ed Student Teaching
Teacher Ed Fee (varies with course) 5-150
Teacher Ed Student Teaching 180
Engineering (per major, per semester) 170
Environmental Studies 110-125
Honors 145
Human Physiology 110
Military Science 85
Modern Languages 25-50
Private lessons, per credit 285
Choir, Men's and Women's Chorus
Chorale, Chamber Singers 65
Class (per credit) 210
Band/Drumline 65
Guitar Ensemble 100
Orchestra 25-65
Jazz Workshop Combo 65
Jazz Ensemble 65
Wind Ensemble 65
Music in Film & TV 35
BSN Resource Center Fee

BSN Clinical Placement Fee

BSN Prep Kit
Outdoor Leadership 99
Photo Journalism 50
Photography/Printmaking 70
Physical Education (varies with course) 5-355
Physics 45-75
Psychology 40-75
II. Student Life Fees:
Orientation, required of all first time, full-time undergraduate students
Fall 65
      Spring 25
Fees included in full-time tuition and non-refundable upon
withdrawal from the University:

Publications, per year
Laundry Fee, all resident students, per semester included in room charge 40
Residence Hall Fees: per semester, included in room charge 40
Parking, University lots: per year 65
Student Mail Box Rental: per year 35

Room & Board: 2013-2014

These are per semester costs:

Room: (per semester)

Double Occupancy 2,400

Single Occupancy 2,870

Premium Single 3,055

Dillon-Goller/Twohy Double 2,580

Dillon-Goller/Twohy Single 3,110

Burch/Dussault Double 2,615

Dussault Single
Burch Single 2,855

Corkery Apartments 2,855

Kennedy Apartments Single 3,085

Kennedy Apartments Premium Single 3,470

Sharp Apartments 2,235

Coughlin Double 2,580

Coughlin Single

Meal Plans* (per semester):

Food services to the University students are provided by Sodexo Dining Services.  The University facilitates those arrangements by billing, collecting and remitting charges for those services. Six meal plans are offered:


Unlimited access to the resident dining facility, all hours, plus $300 in dining dollars for purchases at any campus retail location.



Unlimited access to the resident dining facility, 10:45 am to 7:30 pm, weekend brunch and dinners, plus $400 in dining dollars for purchases at any campus retail location.



Unlimited access to the resident dining facility, 7:00 am to 2:00 pm, weekend brunch, plus $400 in dining dollars for purchases at any campus retail location.


Block A

150 block meals at the resident dining facility, all hours, plus $400 in dining dollars for purchases at any campus retail location.


Block B

120 block meals at the resident dining facility, all hours, plus $600 in dining dollars for purchases at any campus retail location.


Block C

Non-mandatory students only, 95 block meals at the resident dining facility, all hours, plus $610 in dining dollars for purchases at any campus retail location.


Books and Supplies
  • The cost of books and supplies will vary depending on your major and class schedule. An estimated, per semester cost for full-time undergraduate students is $500. (Used books may be available at substantial savings.)
  • Books and supplies are not billed through the Student Accounts Office. Please visit or call (509) 313-6390 for information regarding costs and payment options for purchasing books.

*No meals are served during the Christmas or Spring break periods. All board charges are subject to further increase should rising food costs make it necessary.