School of Nursing and Human Physiology

Dean: Brenda Stevenson Marshall

Welcome to the School of Nursing and Human Physiology (SNHP).  The school is new, having been established in 2013, in response to growing need and building on two departments with a long history at Gonzaga. Consistent with the mission of Gonzaga University, our message is that of making a difference through excellence in education and scholarly pursuits in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition.

Students choosing to enroll in one of our programs will be taught by faculty with exemplary records in teaching, research and service.  Many faculty maintain clinical schedules to enrich their integration of theory and practice in the classroom.  Our research is translational - designed to bring the benefits of scholarly work to the improvement of individual and population health practices.  Service is an important component of what we do as it provides the school with the opportunity to fulfill the Jesuit commitment of social justice through helping others.

Through the virtual campus we make educational programs available to a broader array of non-traditional students who wish to pursue a career in nursing but require flexible scheduling.  Human physiology brings a human science to undergraduates as an option to pursue a graduate career in health.  The new approach to health services delivery highlights the use of trained and skilled professionals who perform services formerly reserved for physicians.  The doctorate in nursing practice (DNP) the SNHP currently offers and the doctorate in nursing anesthesia practice (DNAP) to be offered in the fall of 2014 provide an opportunity for qualified students to pursue these career pathways.

Degree Programs in the School of Nursing and Human Physiology