Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA of Choice

Gonzaga’s MBA of Choice offers a comprehensive graduate education for professional management in a dynamic and complex economic environment. The program allows students the opportunity to choose among a large selection of electives to design a curriculum which will best satisfy their individual educational and career goals. The program prepares graduates for leadership roles in business and other organizations. The curriculum provides students opportunities to apply concepts, techniques, and practice in the functional disciplines of business. Students are intellectually challenged and taught to develop an appreciation of human behavior in organizations and the responsibilities facing entrepreneurs and managerial decision-makers.

Degree Requirements

To complete the MBA degree program, thirty-three credit hours of 600-level graduate business administration courses are required beyond the pre-requisite courses. Students are expected to maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.00. Degree requirements consist of 22 credit hours of core courses and 11 hours of graduate-level electives.

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Core Courses: 22 credits
MBUS 600 Orientation
0 credit
MBUS 610 Economic Environment of the Firm 2 credits
MBUS 612 Managing People and Performance 2 credits
MBUS 613 Quantitative and Statistical Analysis 2 credits
MBUS 614 Business Ethics 2 credits
MBUS 616 Strategic Management 2 credits
MBUS 624 Finance Theory and Practice 2 credits
MBUS 625 Operations Theory and Practice 2 credits
MBUS 626 Information Systems Theory and Practice 2 credits
MBUS 627 Marketing Theory and Practice 2 credits
MBUS 628 Managerial Accounting 2 credits
MBUS 629 Corporate Financial Reporting 2 credits
Elective Courses (Concentration) 11 credits

Total Credits Required – 33 credits

MBA Concentrations

In addition to the MBA of Choice, the Graduate School of Business offers the MBA with concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Marketing (nine credits).  Students can complete an emphasis in Ethics, MIS, Supply Chain Management or Sports Management (six credits). MBA concentrations permit a student to tailor coursework to match career and educational goals and interests. The core courses are the same for these concentrations as they are for the MBA of Choice. Instead of 11 hours of electives, however, each of these programs substitutes additional course requirements. These courses are offered on a two year cycle.

Entrepreneurship Concentration
9 entrepreneurship credits + 2 general electives
Two of the following three:
   MBUS 642 Business Planning
3 credits
   MBUS 654 Creating New Ventures 3 credits
   MBUS 696 New Venture Lab 1-3 credits
Three to six credits from the following:
   MBUS 639 Current Issues in Entrepreneurship 1 credit
   MBUS 643 Entrepreneurial Strategy 1 credit
   MBUS 650 Competitive Advantage in a Global Economy 1 credit
   MBUS 657 Negotiations 2 credits
   MBUS 688 Creativity and Intuition 1 credit
   MBUS 681 New Product Development 1 credit
  MBUS 695 Small Business Consulting 1-3 credits
   MBUS 697 Entrepreneurship Internship 1-3 credits
Core Courses: 22 credits
Finance Concentration
9 finance credits + 2 general electives
MBUS 660 Investments 2 credits
MBUS 662 Advanced Corporate Finance 2 credits
Five credits from the following courses:
   MBUS 609 Financial Statement Analysis 1 credit
   MBUS 661 Sustainable Business
1 credit
   MBUS 663 International Finance 2 credits
   MBUS 664 Derivatives 1 credit
   MBUS 665 Mergers and Acquisitions 2 credits
   MBUS 666 Intro to Personal Investing 1 credit
   MBUS 667 Business Valuation 1 credit
   MBUS 668 Financial Institutions 2 credits
   MBUS 669 Ethics in Finance 1 credit
  MBUS 670 Financial Markets and Institutions 1 credit
   MBUS 697 Finance Internship 1-3 credits
Marketing Concentration
9 marketing credits + 2 general electives
MBUS 682 Buyer Behavior 2 credits
Seven credits from the following courses:
   MBUS 679 Ethics in Marketing 1 credit
   MBUS 681 New Product Development 1 credit
   MBUS 683 Persuasion 1 credit
   MBUS 684 Business Analytics 3 credit
   MBUS 685 International Marketing 2 credits
   MBUS 687 Integrated Marketing Communications 2 credits
   MBUS 688 Creativity and Intuition 1 credit
   MBUS 689 Culture and Global Markets 1 credit
   MBUS 697 Marketing Internship 1-3 credits