MBA in Healthcare Management (MBA/HCM)

The healthcare industry is rapidly changing and needs leaders with both the technical knowledge and management skills to move it forward. Gonzaga's MBA in Healthcare Management (MBA/HCM) program is designed to train administrators to manage the businesses that produce and deliver healthcare services. This program is committed to developing innovative and ethical leaders with the ability to think critically and creatively about the problems facing healthcare today.

Gonzaga's MBA/HCM brings together working professionals from across the healthcare industry to discuss, analyze, and evaluate the business of healthcare management. Past students have come from a number of professional backgrounds including hospital administration, nursing, general practice, and pharmacy. Comprised of approximately 40% traditional MBA courses and 60% healthcare-specific courses, the program equips its graduates with the knowledge and insight to add value to the organizations they serve.

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Admissions Requirements


The MBA/HCM programs admission's requirements are the same as the MBA admissions requirements, with one exception.  An additional requirement for the MBA in Healthcare Management program is that all applicants must have a minimum of two years of professional experience with a minimum of six months in the healthcare industry.  Those that do not have healthcare-related work experience may be admitted if they are completing a concurrent internship.

Please note:  The GMAT exam is waived for applicants who hold a professional/doctoral degree, such as M.D., D.D.S., or Ph.D.


Pre-requisite Requirements

The MBA/HCM program's pre-requisite requirements are the same as the MBA pre-requisite requirements with the addition of a US Healthcare Systems pre-requisite that students must take if they do not hold a degree in a healthcare field or have not had extensive experience working in the healthcare industry. Business Law is not a required pre-requisite for the MBA/HCM.

Degree Requirements

To complete the MBA/HCM degree program, thirty-three credits of 600-level graduate business administration courses are required beyond the pre-requisite courses. Students are expected to maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.00. Degree requirements consist of 26 credits of core courses and 7 credits of graduate-level electives.

Core Courses: 26 credits
MBUS 600 Orientation 0 credit
MBUS 610H Healthcare Economics 3 credits
MBUS 612H Healthcare Management 2 credits
MBUS 613 Quantitative and Statistical Analysis 2 credits
MBUS 614H Healthcare Ethics 2 credits
MBUS 615H Healthcare Law 2 credits
MBUS 616 Strategic Management 2 credits
MBUS 624H Management of Healthcare Finance 2 credits
MBUS 625H Healthcare Operations 3 credits
MBUS 626H Healthcare Information Systems 2 credits
MBUS 627 Marketing Theory and Practice 2 credits
MBUS 628 Managerial Accounting 2 credits
MBUS 629H Financial Reporting for Healthcare Managers 2 credits
Elective Courses 7 credits

Total Credits Required – 33 credits