Tuition and Fees 2013 - 2014

Included in tuition is a $20 non-refundable fee that includes the Student Activity Fee.

Tuition, per credit:

Doctoral tuition $935
Doctor of Nursing Practice tuition $875
Master’s Programs $870
Postgraduate tuition $870

Audited courses carry the same tuition rate as courses taken for credit.

Application Fee:

Master’s Programs $50

Doctoral Program $50
Deposit to Confirm Acceptance:

Master of Anesthesiology Education $200
Graduate Nursing Programs $200
Masters of Sport and Athletic Administration Program $200

Other Master’s Programs $100

Doctoral Programs $200

This deposit is required of all new students after they have received notification of tentative acceptance and is credited to the tuition of the first semester. The deposit is not refundable if the student does not enroll.

Departmental Fees:

School of Education Fees: (per semester/per course)

Certification/Endorsement $15-$70

Education Fees:

Assessment $150

Assessment in Counseling $60

Counselor Education $260

Counselor Ed Career Development $40-60

Education Leadership and Administration $125-200

Education Field Experience (per credit) $150

Orals $100-150

Special Education $15-20

Special Education Student Teaching

Teacher Education $10-25

Teacher Education Student Teaching

School of Nursing and Human Physiology:

Nursing - Grad Immersion Fee $30-115

Nursing - DNP Immersion Fee $160
School of Professional Studies:

Doctoral Dissertation Fee
(microfilming and binding, UMI, Copyright)

Communication Leadership $75-89

Organizational Leadership $45-96
Other Fees:

Fitness Center Fee optional (per semester) $150

Late Registration Fee $50

Late Add/Drop Fee $50

Graduation Application Fee $50

Late Graduation Application Fee $75

Mandatory Accident Insurance, per year $35

Master’s Thesis Fee
(microfilming and binding, UMI)

Summer Session Administrative Fee $40
Technology Fees:
   Full-time Student, per semester
   Part-time Student, per semester


Transcript Fee, each copy $5

Installment Plan Application $65-$100

Room and Board

For information contact the Student Accounts Office.


The University reserves the right to change any costs without notice. It further reserves the right to withhold student information, including transcripts of record and diploma’s, until said student’s account has been paid in full. No student will be allowed to register for an ensuing semester if a balance is owed for a prior semester.

A finance charge of 12% per annum pro rata (365 days) on any amount more than thirty days past due, or a re-billing fee of 1% of the amount due or $2.00, whichever is greater, will be added to a student’s account. A no payment/no arrangement fee of 3% of the amount due will be charged to a student not meeting the established payment deadlines.