Course Detail

NURS 644M Adv Psyc-Mntl Hlth Nrs ConcIII 3.00 credits
Builds upon the knowledge and skills gained in NURS 621M Dynamic Care Formulation. This course is divided into four areas of study: 1) Child/adolescent psychiatric mental health, 2) Geriatric psychiatric mental health, 3) Family and couple therapy, and 4) Advanced Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing in a complex health care system. This course will introduce and examine various theories to care for vulnerable populations suffering from mental and emotional distress, including child/adolescent and geriatric populations. The most common psychiatric disorders within these populations will be covered as well as various psychotherapeutic approaches and the most common psychiatric medications used to manage the illnesses in order to restore health. Concepts and principles of psychopharmacology extend existing knowledge gained in NURS 524 Advanced Pharmacology. Various theories of family and couple therapy will be analyzed. The role of Advanced Psychiataric Mental Health Nurse will be examined regarding system and organizational transformation.
Prerequisite: NURS 621M Minimum Grade: C-