Course Detail

NURS 643M Adv Psyc-Mntl Hlth Nrs Conc II 3.00 credits
Focuses psychobiological interventions building upon the knowledge and skills gained in NURS 621M Dynamic Care Formulation. The course will introduce and examine various psychobiological and non-psychobiological interventions for people suffering mental illness. Strategies for establishing differential diagnoses and the bases for treatment are emphasized. Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology as the bases for biological interventions are reviewed; concepts and principles of psychopharmacology extend existing knowledge gained in NURS 524 Advanced Pharmacology. The challenges of treating co-occurring disorders are considered. The indications for and selection of appropriate theoretical models, diagnostic strategies, and/or intervention techniques, and issues in treatment situations of patients/clients across the age span are emphasized. Group psychotherapy across the age span will be explored and the various theoretical models for delivering and implementing this modality will be reviewed.
Prerequisite: NURS 621M Minimum Grade: C-
Concurrent: NURS 632M