Course Authorization Form

Form used to authorize student registration into a restricted course.

Enrollment Verification Form

Form used to request a verification of student enrollment.

Request for Change of Name/SS#/Address Form

Form used to change a name, social security, and/or address an official student record.

Application for Individualized Study

Form used to apply for an internship, directed study, or research related course.

Leave of Absence Form

Form used to apply for a Leave of Absence from the University.

Course Withdrawal Form

Form used to withdraw from a course while still enrolled in other courses for the semester.

Course Challenge Form

Form used to challenge a course. See Course Challenge Policy for details.

Request to Take A Course

Form used to take a course as an Audit, Pass/Fail, Senior Citizen Audit, or No Credit/No Record.

Substitution/Waiver Form

Form used to substitute a course or waive credit toward a course requirement.

Transfer of Credit/Senior Year in Residence

Form used to receive permission for current Gonzaga students to transfer coursework from another institution and/or to waive the requirement to complete the last thirty semester hours toward a degree in residence.

Transfer of Graduate Credits

Form used to transfer coursework from another institution toward a graduate program.

Major Declaration/Change of Advisor forms are available in your Dean's office.