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Gonzaga University's Blackboard System is an e-Education platform which is designed to transform the Internet into a powerful environment for the educational experience.

Blackboard 9 is here. To Access the New Blackboard 9, go to  


Blackboard 9 in-house training schedule has now been released and classes will begin on April 8th and  continue through the rest of 2010.  However, you do not have to wait until April. You can start now by reviewing the materials on this site. Visit our training site to sign-up for Blackboard and other training. For Blackboard techical support, email the helpdesk or call IT Support Center at x5550. For Blackboard 9 training questions please call Erik Blackerby x3865 - email or Bill Kostelec at x3816 - email:



Quick Start Guides are short help documents in PDF for instructors to download, print out and use.

Discussion Board

Blackboard 9 Instructor Manual (PDF)

Content Authoring

Getting Started with Course Content (PDF)


Course Management

Getting Started with the Course Environment (PDF)

Assessments & Surveys

Getting Started with Assignments (PDF)



Getting Started with the Grade Center (PDF)


Group Projects

Getting Started with Groups (PDF)


Course Cartridge

Getting Started with Learning Modules (PDF)


Adaptive Release

Getting Started with Building A Test (PDF)


Blackboard 9 Video Tutorials with Audio


video picture The Blackboard 9 Environment is an overview of Blackboard 9 Edit Mode for instructor functions, The Course Menu for access to content and the Home Page for current information. (3:25 min)

video pictureEditing the Course Menu shows you how to create a new content area (place where you store your course content), hide a content area and delete a content area

video pictureUsing the Text Editor to format text, insert an image and to add a website link


video picture Customizing Course Modules allows you to add modules to the course home page for quick access to course information.  This video will show you how to add and remove modules

video picture Content Areas are where instructors store content for their Blackboard class. This video guide will show you how to creating Content Areas, create an item within the content area and use the item options. (2:30 min)

video picture Creating A Course Link is a shortcut to an area, tool or item.  You can create a shortcut to a discussion board as an example

video picture Add Multimedia Content using the text editor multimedia tools for audio and video files

video pictureUsing the Glossary in Blackboard 9 to create terms and definitions, info etc.


video picture Course Menu Tools is the central access point for all types of content. This tutorial will show you how to add a tool to Course Menu, make it available to students and reorder items. (1:55 min)

video pictureBlogs allow you to provide each student with an online journal for expressing ideas and developing writing skills. This tutorial will show you how to create a blog within a content area.and provide a link to the Blogs tool and accessing it. (2:45)

video pictureDiscussion Board tour shows you how to navigate the discussion board, set up threads and forums, options etc.

video pictureGroups. You can create groups and add students to those groups to collaborate on class activities. This tutorial will show you how to create a single group, select options for that group and add students to it. (2:45 min)

video pictureThe Grade Center Column allows for activities that do not automatically generate them such as participation grades. This tutorial will show you how to create a Grade Center Column, select options and enter grades.

video picture

The Grade Center (in-depth) shows you how to use the Grade Center and add and configure columns for assignments, quizzes and other assessments