Post-Award Policies

When a grant proposal has been funded a grant account will be established. Once the grant account is established award expenditures can take place.  All grant award expenditures are reviewed by SRP for approval prior to further processing.  SRP will ensure that the expenditure has an approved budget and funding within the grant   Expenditures will be reviewed in accordance with OMB Circular A-21. This process meets best practices according to OMB Circular A-21 and recent audit input.

You may access OMB Circular A-21 at: for a complete listing of allowable and unallowable costs. An overview of allowable and unallowable costs is available on our budgeting page. 

Requests for reimbursements must comply with the GU Reimbursement Policy as well as the guidelines of the OMB.  If SRP and the Controller's office determine that an expenditure request is unallowable, the request will be discussed with the PI to seek an allowable resolution.  SRP's approval of these charges is an important part of GU's internal control over grant purchases.  Without  this approval process, unallowable charges could be purchased with grant funds and go unnoticed.  These unallowable charges could then be uncovered through audit from our external auditors or outside granting agencies. This situation could result in Gonzaga losing funding. 

SRP and the Controller's office are committed to efficient service to the Gonzaga community.