Frequently Asked Questions

1 . How do I know who purchases what?^

The Purchasing Department has four buyers who are assigned to specific commodities. See the Commodity Split chart for the breakdown.

2 . Buy, Lease or Finance Equipment, Which is Best?^

This depends on your circumstances, the item to be acquired, and securing the required approval. The following guidelines may help you decide: Buy: This is an outright purchase (cash to seller). It is the standard practice. It requires that you have funds available for payment upon receipt and acceptance of the equipment. The University takes title to the equipment at this point. Lease: The decision to lease rather than purchase must be approved by the Controller. A lease is a fee for use of equipment. Responsibility for maintenance, upgrades, etc., may vary, but tend to remain with the lessor. At the end of the lease period the equipment is returned to the lessor. Title does not transfer to the University. We have no rights to sell, trade-in, or surplus. Sometimes the lease will include a buy out option that may be exercised at the end of the lease period. However, the buy-out decision is made only at the end of the lease, no commitment is made at the outset. Lease to Own, Lease/Purchasing: The Controller for Finance must approve this type of lease. Lease to own or Lease/purchase agreements establish up front that title will pass to the University at the end of the lease period. There may or may not be a buy-out payment at the end. The lease fees actually amount to be as advantageous as other refinancing agreements available to the University. Prior to making a decision of this nature, the department should confer with the Director of University Purchasing or Controller.

3 . What is a Standing (Blanket) Purchase Order?^

A Standing Purchase Order should be used when you anticipate several small purchases throughout the fiscal year with the same vendor. The Purchase Order will have no units just a dollar amount that estimates the expected use during the Fiscal Year. It is the department's responsibility to monitor the standing purchase order using Banner form FGIENCD. If the dollar amount needs to be increased, the department should contact the appropriate buyer and have them increase the dollars to cover additional expenses for the fiscal year.

4 . What is a Change Order?^

A change order is created by the Purchasing Department per the request of the department when a modification is needed to the original purchase request. (I.e., freight line is added.) A Department can note a change on the green copy of the purchase order prior to returning to the purchasing department, or contact the appropriate buyer via phone, or email.

5 . How do I purchase professional services?^

Professional services are defined as being primarily intellectual in nature. Competition for professional services is not required for services costing less than $25,000 including all associated costs and any responsibility anticipated extensions. The final product is usually a report or some other tangible result of their intellectual effort. A purchase order for professional services provided by a business must include all costs associated with the project including travel, hotel, per diem, associated cost and expenses. A payment to an individual for professional services should have reimbursable expenses on a separate payment voucher. When contemplating the need for professional services contact the Purchasing Department. A W-9 is required.

6 . How can I get a copy of our Office Depot contract pricing?^

Log in to and review the Bulletin Board for a shopping list of our contracted items.

7 . How do I order office supplies online?^

Gonzaga University has an office supply contract with Office Depot. To order office supplies online, you must either be a budget officer or have written permission from the budget officer to order supplies. If necessary, please fill out the authorization for purchase of office supplies form located on the Purchasing and Finance forms webpage.  Fax to JoAnne in Purchasing at 313-5953. She can then provide you with password access to Office Depot and training to order online.

8 . How Do I Cancel a Check?^

If you need to cancel or void a check, call Nancy Grasso in Accounts Payable at ext. 6807. She will need you to provide the check number, payee, date of issue, and amount of check. See Section 12 of the Purchasing/Finance Manual to view the process of checking on Banner to see if the check has cleared the bank.

9 . How Do I Know if a Reimbursement Check Has Been Processed?^

If the check has been processed, you will be able to verify the information by looking in Banner at the fund/organization/account number that you wanted the reimbursement charged to. If you find the charge there, you can proceed to see when the check was actually written by going to FOIDOCH. Instructions are in Section 12 of the Purchasing/Finance Manual. The reimbursement checks will either be held at the General Cashier's Window in the Administration Building or will be sent to you based on what the instructions on the payment voucher stated. If you see that a check has not been processed, and you would have expected it by now, you can call Nancy Grasso in Accounts Payable at ext. 6807 to check on status. It is always wise to keep a copy of the payment voucher and the date forwarded to Accounts Payable.

10 . What Do I Do if I Lost the Green Copy of the Purchase Order?^

If the green copy has been misplaced, and the goods have been received, make a copy of the goldenrod copy and on the bottom of the Purchase Order write "In Lieu of Green." You do not want to hold up payment of the goods even if the green copy is lost.

11 . How Do I Cancel a Purchase Order?^

If you want to cancel a purchase order you write the word "cancel" on the green copy, sign it and forward it to purchasing. When purchasing gets the copy they will cancel the purchase order in banner if no other activity has been done on it. If you call purchasing to cancel a purchase order, they can do it right away in Banner, but you still need to sign the green copy, with the word "cancel" on it and send it to AD Box 81.

12 . How should I order toner or ink for my printer?^

Purchasing has a large inventory of toner cartridges. Simply fill out a purchase requisition and send it to or via mail (AD-81) or fax 5953. The items will be delivered to you.

13 . What do I do with my used toner and ink cartridges?^

Empty toner cartridges should be put back into the box it came from, taped up, marked RECYCLE AD-81, and put in campus mail. If you need to order another one please order as described above.