Key Policy and Procedures


  1. REQUESTS FOR KEYS BY DEPARTMENTS: All requests for building and office keys go to Customer Service Desk.
  2. KEY RETURN:  All keys should be returned to Plant Services when they are no longer needed, as people leave the University, transfer to new department, etc.
  3. KEY RETURN AUDIT Plant will audit keys returned against key database to verify the returned keys, discrepancies will be reviewed with key authorizers. Unreturned/missing keys are considered lost and a minimum fee of $50.00 maybe charged to the Dept.
  4. REQUESTS FOR MASTER KEYS: Master key green cards must always be co- signed by the Dept. key authorizer and Ken Sammons Director of Plant & Construction Services.
  5. VENDOR REQUESTS FOR USE OF KEYS: Vendors must come to the Customer Service Desk to check out keys.
  6. LIST OF KEYS for employees can be obtained from the Customer Service desk. Contact Customer Service for a print out: 509-313-5656 or

Requests for keys from Departments:
  1. Contact Customer Service to request a key at 509-313-5656 or email
  2. Customer Service will enter a work order to have the requested key(s) made
  3. Department or customer will be contacted when the key is ready for pickup at Customer Service
  4. Customer must have a key authorization card with the proper signature from the department and picture ID to pickup
Key Returns:
  1. All Keys should be returned to Plant Services when no longer needed or being used by the person whom the key was originally issued, a building/dept. re-key or employee dept. transfer, etc.
  2. Supervisors and key authorizers can contact or 509-313-5656 to acquire a list of keys assigned to the departing employee to verify that all keys assigned are collected.
  3. All Master Keys MUST be returned by key holder to the Customer Service Desk when leaving employment at Gonzaga University.
  4. All other keys may be returned to either Plant Services or Human Resources with a PINK "key return card" before departure.
Lost Keys:

ALL lost keys should be reported immediately to Plant Services, Customer Service desk. Lost keys are subject to a minimum $50 fine to the department. Upon work order request to replace a lost key, an estimate letter will be sent to the department for budget authorization. The department budget will be recharged for the lost key. It is the individuals department responsibility to collect reimbursement or not from person(s) who lost keys.

Request for Building Master Key:
  1. A Dept./customer requesting a "Building Master Key" will be asked the reason they need this type key?
  2. Master key authorization green card must always be co-signed by the key authorizer and Ken Sammons Director of Plant & Construction Services.
  3. Customer will be contacted when the key arrives
  4. Customer must bring a green key card and a GU I.D. or picture I.D., to pickup the key.
  5. REMINDER: Master keys are a security risk - please take care not lose or loan a master key
  6. All Master keys MUST be returned by the key holder to the Customer Service Desk when leaving/transferring employment at Gonzaga University
CONSTRUCTION or VENDOR request for use of Building/Master keys:
  1. Vendors must request keys through Customer Service.
  2. A key card must be filled out and signed by a Manager or Director of Plant Services.
  3. Building Master keys must be returned on a daily basis unless otherwise authorized by the Director.
  4. A copy of the construction or vendors driver's license and business card is required for the key authorization card.
Key Transfer option: (Preference is ALL keys be returned to Customer Service as noted above).

Keys may be transferred within a department as employees leave/transfer and new hires fill the position. A PINK "key return card" with departing persons name and their assigned keys can be sent in with the new person GREEN key authorization information filled in and keys transferred listed on card. All keys must be accounted for in the transfer!! Contact or 509-313-5656 for more information or to acquire a list of keys assigned to the departing employee to verify that all keys assigned are collected.

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