Network Upgrade

As part of a multiyear project, ITS is working to upgrade the wireless network and the network infrastructure. This page will provide you with up-to-date information regarding the progress of the project. Due to the complexity of the project, buildings are not listed in the order they will be completed. Each building will go through two phases before the upgrade is complete, if a building has completed phase one, it will be designated by an asterisk (*). While a building is being upgraded, you may experience some connectivity issues for a short period of time. If you have any questions regarding the Network Upgrade Project, please contact the IT Support Center at x5550 or

Update: Due to unforeseen construction issues Crimont has been moved to Summer 2015. Marian Residence Hall has been moved to Fall 2014 for completion. 

Last Updated: 12.17.14 at 8:45AM

Completed Buildings

Buildings Currently Being Upgraded

Madonna Residence Hall
Catherine Monica Residence Hall
Desmet Residence Hall
Welch Residence Hall
Herak Center
Burch Apartments
Cushing Residence Hall
Hughes Hall
Chardin Residence Hall

*Dussault Apartments
*Alliance Residence Hall
*Lincoln Residence Hall
*Dooley Residence Hall
*Marian Residence Hall
Jepson Center
*Rosauer Center
Law School 
*College Hall


Projected Future Plan

Fall 2014

Spring 2015

Summer 2015

Foley Center
Crosby Student Center
*301 Boone Apartments
*Cataldo Hall



Business Services Center
Tilford Center
Plant Services
*Music Mansion
Redmann Hall
Theatre/Dance Studio
Robinson House
Schoenberg Center
Huetter Mansion
O'Leary Hall
Exercise Science
McCarthey Athletic Center
Martin Centre

Coughlin Hall
Roncalli Residence Hall
*Sinto Apartments
Sharp Apartments
Campion Residence Hall
Jesuit House
Bea House
Bishop White Seminary
Ministry Institute
St. Aloysius
Outdoor Wifi
Additional Houses
*Corkery Apartments
*Dillon Residence Hall
*Goller Residence Hall
*LampLighter Apartments
*Ritter Apartments
*Twohy Residence Hall
*Crimont Residence Hall



* Phase I is complete