Your Official Schedule Is Ready!


Follow these steps to view your first semester schedule:

  1. Go to and click on "Enter Secure Area". Log in to Zagweb using your ID and PIN number. Remember: your ID is your student ID number and your PIN is a six digit number that you have set. If you have never used Zagweb, your PIN for the first time will be your six digit birthday (e.g. 010193, for a January 1st, 1993 birthday). If you do not remember your PIN, click on the Forgot PIN link after entering your student ID and answer your pre-set security question.

  2. Once logged in, click on "Student & Financial Aid"

  3. Click on "Registration"

  4. Select "Student Schedule by Day and Time" - This will show you your schedule by week. The first week of classes begins on Tuesday, so any courses you have scheduled on Monday will not appear. To view a detailed schedule, select "Student Detail Schedule" which shows you each class you are enrolled in.

Your schedule was constructed with your preferences and the requirements of your academic program in mind. We used academic history data, as well as information you provided through the registration process to compose your schedule. We anticipate you may have some questions regarding your schedule. Click here to answer the "Why am I taking these courses" question. We've also included a link to the 2014-2015 Academic Calendar, and a Final Exam Schedule to help you plan your trip(s) home for scheduled breaks. If you intend to request any schedule changes:

  • Do NOT book any flights home, as even a small change can have a huge impact on your final exam schedule.
  • Do NOT purchase textbooks, as changes can impact multiple courses in your schedule, and therefore the books required for each.

If you have questions or want to request changes to your schedule, please contact our office during Schedule Change Times. Please note: We cannot make schedule changes requested by parents or family members.  The schedule change request must come from the student.

If you are NOT requesting any change to your schedule, and would like to purchase books, go to You will need your schedule in front of you, as books are listed by section and instructor.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer. We look forward to meeting you later this month and welcoming you to Gonzaga.

The Academic Advising & Assistance Office