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This site is specifically designed to give you the nuts and bolts of Gonzaga's academic requirements with direct links to academic policies, college/schools, and requirements.

To get started, watch our video regarding Gonzaga's degree requirements. 

Video information in text format is below:

For a list of University core requirements (required of all students, regardless of degree), click here.

Gonzaga University has five schools of study, all with their own set of school/college core requirements (except for the School of Professional Studies). Where do you belong? You are associated with one of these five schools based on your intended major. If you change your major, your degree requirements and advisor may change as well. Look up your major in the Undergraduate Catalogue to determine which school is your academic home.

128 credits are needed to graduate - some majors, such as engineering, require more.  Find the requirements for your program(s) in the Catalogue. If you average 16 credits a semester (or 32 credits a year), you will reach the 128 credit minimum in four years: 16x8=128 (32x4=128).

You must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0, both term and cumulative, each semester to remain in good academic standing and keep your financial aid. See Academic Policies in the Undergraduate Catalogue for details.

Your academic advisor will be one of the most important and helpful individuals during your time at Gonzaga. It is important for you to work with her or him on all decisions regarding your course load and plans. Make a point to visit your academic advisor on a regular basis.

You are also responsible for planning your academics at Gonzaga. Use your advisor and the professional staff in Academic Advising & Assistance as a resource when building your academic plan.  Use the How To guide to create an academic plan to graduation.

There are many individuals, offices and resources available to help you. Please take some time to explore the resources below. If you can't find an answer to a question you have, or need clarification on Gonzaga policies, requirements, or other topics related to academic life, please contact your Academic Advisor, or contact us, Academic Advising & Assistance.  We are all here to help you through your academic journey at Gonzaga.  All you have to do is ask.

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