The Components of a Gonzaga Degree

Gonzaga University has a 4-tier system of required courses for Graduation:

I. University Core: Consists of 31-32 credits that all students complete. For University Core Curriculum, click here.

II. School/College Core: Four of Gonzaga's 5 Colleges and Schools have their own set of core requirements, in addition to the University Core.  Each link below will take you to the School/College website where you can learn more about their school/college core curriculum, as well as their majors, minors, programs and certifications offered.  

III. Majors/Minors/Certification: These requirements are found in the Undergraduate Catalogue, listed alphabetically within the appropriate School/College section (e.g., biology in Arts & Sciences, accounting in Business Administration).  You can find your catalogue at

IV. Electives: After adding together the credits from University Core, School/College Core, and Major/Minor/Certification credit requirements, electives may be necessary to reach the minimum 128 credits needed to earn a Gonzaga degree.  The number of electives will vary significantly, depending on your field(s) of study. (Please note: some majors require more than 128 credits to graduate.)

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