Please review the policies and procedures carefully. They were established to assist you in conducting a successful and lawful event as well as to preserve the mansion and grounds for the enjoyment of others. Gonzaga University Campus Services considers these policies and procedures to be an integral part of the Bozarth Mansion Usage Agreement. Failure to comply may result in cancellation or termination of your event or the assessment of additional charges.

Alcoholic Beverages:
Bozarth is a beer and wine only facility. Bozarth Management also prefers that red wine only be consumed outdoors. A Washington State Banquet Permit must be obtained to serve these beverages on the premises. The permit is available at local liquor stores and must be posted at your event. This includes "Bring Your Own" and other similar events. As a reminder, State Law prohibits the consumption or possession of alcohol by persons less than 21 years of age.

All persons associated with the event must comply with the policies outlined in this guide as well as state and federal laws and county ordinances. If a dispute arises as to the application and interpretation of the policies, Bozarth Management has the final say. You are financially and behaviorally responsible for the actions of all who attend the event.

Guests may not smoke inside any of the buildings. They may smoke outside, but we ask that they use the appropriate ash receptacles to dispose of their waste. Clean up of excessive "butts" from flowerbeds, sidewalks, driveways, etc. will be charged back to you.

Spokane County has a noise curfew of 10 p.m. Therefore, any music or other loud activity that impacts the neighborhood around Bozarth will be discontinued at 10 p.m. At any time, the Bozarth Staff may regulate the noise level of an activity occurring inside or outside the mansion.

Guests may only park in the gravel parking lot southeast of the mansion, in the paved lot south of the mansion or on Fairwood Drive. Loading and unloading is permitted in the main driveway provided that vehicles are not left unattended. No parking is allowed in fire lanes, the employee-only parking area or on the lawn. Vehicles parked in these areas are subject to towing. You will be charged for any towing expenses regardless of whether or not the vehicle is actually towed as well as any damage to property from guests parking or driving on the lawn.

Personal Property:
Gonzaga University and its agents are not responsible for lost or stolen property. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that personal belongings are secured in a safe place. Items found at Bozarth are held for thirty (30) days and if not claimed, disposed of.

To preserve the mansion and grounds for the enjoyment of others, any attachment of decorations inside or outside of any of the buildings or on the grounds must be approved by the Bozarth Staff. In general, nails, thumb tacks, staples, stakes, duct tape, scotch tape, and regular masking tape may not be used. String, ribbon, removable plastic adhesive, and blue "painter's" masking tape may be used as long as they do not cause any damage.

Birdseed, Bubbles, Confetti, Rice, Silly String, Etc.:
Bubbles are allowed outside the mansion only. Rose petals may be used outside the mansion, but are not recommended as you are responsible for completely cleaning them up. Confetti, rice, silly string, birdseed and similar items are not allowed inside or outside of the mansion. 

Only two candelabras may be ued during an event and they must have something underneath to contain the wax. There are to be no candles along the aisles or on the carpet or wood work. For an indoor reception, candles may be used on tables if they are in a suitable container to catch the wax. Any wax found on the carpet will result in an extra cleaning charge. Outdoors--Candles are permitted on the tables and along the front ledge in the garden and must be in containers to hold the wax. No candles are permitted along the back ledge. Any wax found on the brickwork will be charged back to the client for cleaning. Please discuss your use of candles with the Bozarth Management prior to your event.

Food and Beverages:
Gonzaga University does not assume any liability for food or beverages prepared and/or served at Bozarth. Further, we strongly recommend that any food and/or beverage that stains easily, such as red fruit punch, not be served. Therefore, since you have control over the food and beverage selection, stains will not be considered normal wear and tear. Any charges resulting from the cleaning or repair of stains will be assessed to the user. 

Cleaning and Damages:
You are responsible for any excessive cleaning or damage resulting from the event or the actions of your members and/or guests. Dancing and Dance Floors:Dancing is allowed on the porch without a dance floor. A dance floor is required for dancing in the mansion or on the lawn, however, there is no dancing allowed in the formal garden. Dance floors must be set up and taken down within the allotted time.  Check with Bozarth Mansion prior to renting a dance floor to discuss location and placement of dance floor.

We ask you to leave the Bozarth Mansion, kitchen, residence hall, and grounds in the same condition as you found them at the beginning of the event. Your assistance helps keep the rental costs down. The following general guidelines will assist you in cleaning; additionally, the Bozarth Staff will be available to provide specific suggestions.

  • General cleaning supplies such as brooms, mops, mop buckets, etc. are located in the housekeeping closet to the left of the range in the kitchen.
  • Please ensure that all trash from the kitchen, dining room, pantry areas, and porches be removed. There is a large cart located near the kitchen porch for use in hauling trash to the dumpster located in the south parking lot. The Bozarth Staff will supply the replacement can liners.
  • Please ensure that all kitchen equipment used during the event be wiped down. Specifically, please empty and wipe down any spills in the refrigerator and freezer, clean the range with a grill brick and if used, empty the grease tray into the garbage, rinse out the sink, wipe down the counters, and empty and rinse the coffee maker with clean water.
  • Please return tables and chairs to their respectable storage locations. Round tables and indoor chairs are located on the kitchen porch, rectangular/buffet tables are located in the dining room and the outdoor chairs are located in the laundry room off the kitchen. Event users are responsible for the complete set-up and tear down of all equipment.
  • Please sweep and mop the kitchen and butler's pantry floors.
  • Carpeted areas may need to be vacuumed if there is excessive debris.
  • Please remove all decorations along with any material used to attach the decorations. Please do not forget to remove any decorations or directional signs placed on the grounds or on the way to Bozarth.
  • Overnight guests should strip their beds, place all used linen in the pillowcase, and leave the bundle in the hallway outside of their room door. The pillows, blankets and/or bedspread, and mattress pad (mansion only) should be left in the room on the bed.
  • All furniture, moved in preparation for or during the event, must be returned to its original location.
  • Any borrowed items, such as extension cords, cord adapters, or any other items are to be returned to the Bozarth Staff.