Media Features

In the past few years through many resources The Ministry Institute - Center for Spiritual Renewal has been featured in the media.


In The Spokesman Review during April 2006 an article was written about a Jewish Seder Meal that was held at The Ministry Institute by Shonna Bartlett.  When describing the Seder Meal Shonna Bartlett said: "The Seder is probably the most beautiful religious ritual I've ever been part of," said Bartlett, a Roman Catholic. "I prepare for it in the same way that I prepare for all rituals - by being open to the wisdom, the beauty, the humor ... to however God will work in that time and space."  The gathering took place in the dining room at The Ministry Institute and included 15 people.  This meal helped the students and the staff learn more about the Jewish tradition.  To read the article entirely please click on the following link:


In February 2009, just after our new Executive Director was appointed, the Inland Register wrote an article on The Ministry Institute.  This article features Nate Greene, the new Executive Director.  When describing the program opportunities Nate Greene said, “We do sabbaticals, we do religious retreats."  The programs offered are diverse, but work continues to expand the Institute’s offerings. Greene continued, “We’re trying to come up with programs for the lay people, things like continuing education on spirituality, Scripture, and so forth, so they can operate effectively in dioceses and parishes.”  To read this article entirely please click on the following link:


In March 2007 Shonna Bartlett and The Ministry Institute were featured in The Fig Tree.  This article presents how embracing diversity strengthens the formation at The Ministry Institute. This article gives some background of Shonna Bartlett's life and family as well as what has brought her to where she is today. It describes the formation program and the formal opportunities shared in the gatherings and seminars that happen at The Ministry Institute. Weekly meetings occur where formation and sabbatical students gather for worship.   A meal is provided which gives  students an opportunity for  all to engage with one another. To read this article entirely please click on the following link: