Construction Updates

Stay tuned for more frequent updates once construction is underway.

  • Final Beam

    The COG, demolition beginsThe final major support beam was put in place yesterday on the Hemmingson Center, but not before being signed by Trustee John J. Hemmingson himself as well as President McCulloh and Director of Plant Services Ken Sammons. The concrete has been poured on all four floors. The views are amazing from the top floor for those fortunate enough to have a hard-hat tour. We are excited about the progress at the one year mark of construction!

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  • Construction Photos

    The COG, demolition beginsSummer weather allows for great progress.

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  • Structural Steel

    Structural steel for the upper floors of the Hemmingson Center is installed and first floor concrete is scheduled to be poured starting May 12. Also, furniture vendor proposals are being reviewed.

    Gonzaga continues to look into the next uses for Crosby and the repurposing of portions of Foley, so as to determine how those buildings will be used to complement the uses that will be moving to the Hemmingson Center next summer.

  • Work Progresses

    The COG, demolition begins Work progresses on the Hemmingson Center, due for completion in summer 2015. Two wells have been installed adjacent the center, one which will pump water up from the Spokane Aquifer, run it through a heat exchanger to heat and cool the building, and send it back into the aquifer through a return well. The aquifer water will never be impugned. This is just one aspect of the construction that is expected to lead to LEED certification. Footings and foundations have been poured. Next steps are installation of underground utilities followed shortly by the installation of structural steel to support the first floor. View photos of this event.

  • More Signs of Construction

    The Hemmingson will begin to show more signs of construction over the next few weeks. The return wells that will draw water from the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer are completed. Currently, our excavator is finishing the prepping of the site in order for the sub-contractor to begin the footings and foundation walls. Lydig Construction has moved on site along with the installation of a few more job trailers north of the current construction office location.

  • Construction Advances

    Demolition of the COG finished Aug. 5 — on time, by the way — meaning contractors have since seized control of the site soon to be occupied by The Hemmingson. Two weeks ago, they removed trees that would have impeded construction. More recently, crews have been busy excavating the site to make room for the facility’s lower level. Pouring of the foundation will begin once drilling of the building’s wells is complete.

    The Hemmingson will utilize supply and return wells to draw water from the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer, which will provide 100 percent of the building’s cooling needs and 70 percent of its heating needs, all without the burning of fossil fuels. A specially designed heat exchange system will either extract or reject heat to water obtained from the aquifer before returning it to the original source. The exchange system ensures The Hemmingson’s heating and cooling system never taints the water, thus maintaining the purity of the aquifer. The Washington State Department of Ecology is currently processing the water rights permit and drilling should begin in a couple of weeks.

  • COG Demolition Underway

    The COG, demolition begins

    After serving the Gonzaga campus for nearly 60 years, the COG is officially giving way to The Hemmingson. Demolition of the COG started Wednesday morning on the east side of the building in the Montana Room. It will take approximately four weeks to knock down the facility, at which point Hoffman Construction will begin preparing the site for the block-long basement of The Hemmingson. Click here to view photos of the demolition.

  • General Updates

    Now that salvage operations at the COG are complete, demolition of the structure will begin at the end of June. Utilities have been shut off and the entire area around the COG is now fenced. Demolition should take approximately four weeks, at which point Hoffman Construction will begin excavating the site for the block-long basement of The Hemmingson. Below are some other recent updates pertaining to construction of The Hemmingson:

    • Once the parking garage in the Boone Avenue Retail Center is open, street parking near the construction site will be restricted to contractors only. Additionally, some spots in front of Madonna and St. Catherine/St. Monica residence halls will be changed to provide contractor parking and a clear fire lane. The road will also be widened to accommodate truck and equipment access.
    • Following the demolition of their former locations, the Unity Multicultural Education Center and Faber House have both relocated. UMEC is already open at 730 E. Boone Ave., while Faber House will reopen this fall at 718 E. Sharp.
    • Sodexo, which provides campus dining services, has moved its operations into two houses, one at 1027 N. Hamilton and another 729 E. DeSmet.
    • The sidewalk along the north fence of Mulligan Field is now closed to pedestrians. All foot traffic will be rerouted to Cataldo Way just north of the McCarthey Athletic Center, and along the north side of DeSmet Avenue from Cincinnati to Dakota streets.
  • In the BARC, Zag Shop Opens and Zag Dining Serves First Meal

    After years of operating in the COG, Zag Dining by Sodexo served the first meal in its new residence, the Boone Avenue Retail Center. The BARC will function as the temporary home to campus dining services until The Hemmingson opens in 2015. Zag Dining is located on the ground level of the east side of the BARC next to Hamilton Street. Diners can access the building through entrances on either Boone or DeSmet avenues.

    Another important campus service, the Zag Shop, is also now open in the BARC. The University’s bookstore occupies 16,000 square feet on the west side of the building’s main level. Its entrance is on the corner of DeSmet Avenue and Cincinnati Street.

  • COG Campus Parking Lot Closed

    The COG campus parking lot is now closed to personal vehicle parking due to contractor and demolition work in the area. Road closures can be expected on Boone Avenue and DeSmet Avenue from Dakota Street to Hamilton Street. Alternative parking may be found at the Boone Van Gorp, College Hall and Martin Centre campus parking lots.

  • Sodexo and Zag Shop Move

    Sodexo and the Zag Shop begin moving into the Boone Avenue Retail Center (BARC). The transition of these campus services is expected to be complete by June 16, 2013. Once finished, Sodexo can be found on the main level of the east side of the BARC while the Zag Shop will be located on the ground level of the west side of the building. Sub Connection, meanwhile, will move to the former multipurpose room of Welch Hall.

  • Kiss Our COG Goodbye

    More than 500 students, faculty, staff, administrators, project partners and alumni gathered to pay final respects to the COG, a facility that has served campus since 1954. Project leaders shared renderings, floor plans and fact sheets with visitors. President Thayne McCulloh and Executive Vice President Marty Martin made formal remarks about the significance of the COG and the opportunity The Hemmingson presents. Finally, attendees signed special farewell messages on the columns and wall of the west side of the COG. View photos of this event.