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Regional Scholarships present the opportunity for Alumni Chapters across the country to leave a legacy at Gonzaga

Alumni, parents and friends of Gonzaga are encouraged to participate in giving to their Regional Scholarship, which is an endowed scholarship fund. Each year, the endowed earnings* from the Regional Scholarship will be awarded to students from your home region.

Gonzaga's greatest need is scholarship support. Four out of five entering freshmen will complete their degrees at Gonzaga. For many colleges and universities, this would be a great success rate. However, it is not good enough for the Gonzaga community, which wants every student to succeed. The major barrier for students and families in selecting and staying at Gonzaga is adequate financial aid. For Gonzaga to continue to keep tuition affordable for all students, regardless of financial situations, while at the same time providing a quality, Jesuit education, our alumni and parents must partner in the work to create additional scholarship opportunities.

Criteria of a Regional Scholarship

First priority given to student(s) from region with financial need. Second priority is for students with financial need from state where scholarship is located.

*Approximately 5% of the fair market value is awarded annually from the fund.

For questions pertaining to Regional Scholarships, please contact
Shane Hatcher at or (509) 313-6401.

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