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Gonzaga University

Video Downloads
Choose the appropriate cell phone format below.

Small mp4 Video (H.264/AAC)
Compatible with video-enabled iPods, including iPhone and iPod touch
320 x 176, 9.2 MB, mp4

Medium mp4 Video (H.264/AAC)
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPod Classic and Nano
640 x 352, 16.8 MB, apple-bl-stream.mp4

Tiny 3GP Video (H.264/AAC)
Compatible with iPhone on an EDGE network
176 x 144, 1.6 MB, qcif.3gp

Tiny 3GP Video (MPEG-4/AMR)
Compatible with the greatest number of mobile phones, including Nokia N and E series and Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices over an EDGE network.
176 x 144, 2.0 MB, qcif-mpeg4-amr.3gp

Small 3GP Video (MPEG-4/AMR)
Suitable for playback or streaming on most mobile phones that have the ability to play larger 3gp videos.
352 x 288, 6.1 MB, cif-mpeg4-amr.3gp

BlackBerry WiFi Video (MPEG-4/MP3)
Compatible with BlackBerry smarphones over WiFi, including the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Series, BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series, and BlackBerry 8800 Series.
240 x 134, 8.4 MB, blackberry.avi

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