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Share Inspiration this Christmas!

In this season of giving, we ask you to share in the Christmas spirit at GU and join our family of donors. Annual gifts reinforce programs that are essential to Gonzaga’s mission and support the academic experience of current students. The needs are great among our student body with 96% of current Gonzaga students receiving some type of financial aid.

Please consider a gift to the following areas this Christmas:

Fund for Gonzaga: The Fund for Gonzaga directly supports the highest priorities of the University and the complete academic experience by focusing on three core pillars: scholarships, faculty resources and student experience. This year, the University's highest priority is to increase scholarship support for Gonzaga students to be able to attend and complete their Gonzaga education.

Gonzaga Scholars Program: Support students from your region who have the highest financial need and who are often first-generation students. National studies show that many of these students can be deterred from enrolling in a four-year college or university because of fear of debt and inability to pay. Learn more about the Gonzaga Scholars Program recipients at gonzaga.edu/GSP.

Share the Christmas spirit with our students and give online today »

Questions? Contact the Office of University Advancement at 509-313-5993; 1-800-463-6925; or email giftinfo@gonzaga.edu.

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