Bing Crosby's Boyhood Home


Legendary crooner Bing Crosby's childhood home celebrated its 100th Anniversary this year. In July 1913, Harry and Catherine Crosby moved with their six children (and number seven on the way) into the nine-room, two-story home. Bing Crosby's father had the house built to accommodate his large family. Catherine purchased the property for $1 from the Pioneer Educational Society, a Jesuit organization that owned much land around Gonzaga. Numerous Catholic families built their homes in this neighborhood, which became known as "the Holy Land" or "the Little Vatican."

The house served as the Crosby family's home for 23 years, including when Bing attended Gonzaga High School and Gonzaga University (1914-24). Now owned by the University, the Crosby House is open to tourists and alumni, while housing academic offices upstairs.