Frequently Asked Questions

Student Body / Enrollment

What is the total enrollment?


What is Gonzaga's undergraduate student population?


What is the size of your incoming freshmen class? (2015)


What is the male to female ratio?

46% male / 54% female

In-State vs. Out-of-State students?

47% : 53%

Do you have to be Catholic to attend Gonzaga? No. Students of all faith backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Approximately 50% of our students are Catholic, and daily masses are well-attended. The University also sponsors an Islamic prayer center, a weekly non-denominational worship service, and also has a Tibetan monk and Jewish Rabbi on its faculty. Our University Ministry staff includes a Protestant Minister as well. 
What is your percentage of students-of-color? Approximately 23% of Gonzaga's undergraduate population comes from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. The Unity Multicultural Education Center (UMEC) offers many programs and support services for the student body.


What is the average GPA of incoming students?


What is the average SAT score for admitted students?

1200 (CR+M Only)  |   Mid-50% range (1100-1290)

What is the average ACT score for admitted students?

27  |  Mid-50% range (25-29)

What is your acceptance rate? 66.55% (over the last 5 years)
What are your application deadlines?

Early Action (non-binding) Deadline: November 15
Regular Admission Deadline: February 1

Learn more about our Fall and Spring deadlines

What are your admission requirements?

Please visit our Admission Requirements page for high school applicants, or the Transfer page for more information.

*Both Nursing and Engineering majors are considered “direct entry” programs at Gonzaga, meaning that a student must declare the major on the application to be considered for that program. Admission to nursing is competitive and we recommend applying Early Action (Nov 15th deadline). 

Did I actually submit my Common Application?

View this step-by-step guide to make sure your application was submitted to Gonzaga.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

What percentage of students receive financial aid?


How much does it cost to attend Gonzaga?

Full-time (12-18 credits) Undergraduate Tuition: $38,980 per year
Part-time: $1,075 per credit hour

Approximate Room & Board:
Meal Plan  - $5,450 per year
Double occupancy room - $5,708 per year
Miscellaneous Fees, Books, and Supplies: Varies

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What is the average freshman financial aid package?


What is Gonzaga's FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) code? 


When do I submit my FAFSA?

FAFSA Filing Priority Consideration Dates:
The FAFSA is available starting October 1. We encourage families to submit the FAFSA as soon as possible.
-  First-year students: February 1
-  Transfer Students: March 1

Can I get a part-time job while attending school full-time?

The Gonzaga Student Employment Office serves students seeking part-time employment during the academic year and full-time employment during the summer. Both on- and off-campus jobs are awarded as part of the financial aid package. However, many other on-campus job opportunities are available regardless of financial need (for example with Sodexo food services and/or individual departments).

What kind of scholarships does Gonzaga offer?

We offer both merit-based scholarships and need based scholarships. Learn more about our undergraduate scholarship opportunities at www.gonzaga.edu/scholarships.


What percent of classes are taught by faculty?


What academic programs does Gonzaga offer? 

Gonzaga offers 75 fields of study, 26 master's degrees, two doctoral degrees and a juris doctorate.

Explore our undergraduate programs here

What is your average class size?


What is your student-to-faculty ratio?

12 : 1

How many full-time faculty members work at Gonzaga?


What percentage of your faculty have Ph.D.'s or terminal degrees?


When do I declare a major? What if I don't know exactly what I want to do? 

About 60% of entering Gonzaga students are undecided about their major field of study. We welcome explorers and have counseling to help students discover a career path. Students normally have until the end of their sophomore year to declare a major. Many students change majors after they are enrolled. Some fields (like nursing, engineering, and education) are less flexible than others. 

*Our engineering or nursing programs are direct-entry programs, so students interested in those fields must declare the major on their application to be considered for that program.  

Does Gonzaga have core curriculum requirements for all students?

Yes. All students, regardless of their major, must complete the Core Curriculum. Click to learn more about this amazing academic opportunity.

Students may spread out the Core over their four years at Gonzaga, but most take both English classes, speech and their first philosophy class during freshman year.


What is the four-year graduation rate at Gonzaga?

77.5% (2011 cohort)

What is Gonzaga's retention rate?

94.6% (2014 cohor)

What percentage of your students are employed after graduation? 

95% are employed, in graduate school, or in service opportunities (2014 graduates)

What are Gonzaga's top employers?

Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon are Gonzaga's top employers. With such a geographically diverse student body, there are over 2,000 employers that have hired Zags from around the world. 

What percentage of Gonzaga students study abroad?