Gonzaga University Archives

Postcard of GU Admin
Gonzaga University postcard, c.1920s

The Archives is the depository for the permanent record of Gonzaga University. Spanning the entire history of the University from 1887 to the present, the University Archives document both the daily administration of Gonzaga University and special events.

Mission Statement:

The University Archives exists to appraise, collect, organize, preserve, and make available Gonzaga University material of permanent historical value. Providing facilities for the retention, preservation, servicing, and research use of these records, the Archives also serves as a research center for the study of Gonzaga's history by the University Community and others. The Archives provides information services to assist in the University's administration and operation and serves in a public relations capacity by promoting knowledge and understanding of the origins, programs, and goals of Gonzaga.


The Archives houses manuscripts, published material, photographs, sound recordings, film, video, and artifacts. Included are the GONZAGA UNIVERSITY CATALOGS, The GONZAGA BULLETIN (student newspaper), SPIRES (student yearbook), SPIRESIDE and SIGNUM (Alumni Newsletters), commencement programs, and other campus publications. Bibliographic access is available for some materials on the online catalog .

Currently, these collections are being processed and there are no finding guides for them. Please contact the Special Collections Department for more information on these collections.


For more information please call or write:

Special Collections Department
Foley Center Library
Gonzaga University
Spokane, WA 99258
(509) 313-3847 or 313-3814

email: spcoll@gonzaga.edu

Picture of President Truman
President Truman receiving award from Gonzaga President Corkery, S.J. at Gonzaga, 1950