Who are we?

The Graduate Student Council includes members from each grad program (with the exception of the Law Program). A Program Director coordinates GSC meetings, events, and the other functions of the organization.   

Brief Biographies of Program Director & Council Members

Program Director - Matt Ross, PCMI (Master's of English as a Second Language), 

It is my hope, if selected for this position, to help increase awareness of graduate student council through active participation in the process of student government. While I am new to Gonzaga, I have, in the past, managed and participated in several clubs during my time as an undergraduate and while teaching at the high school level. I believe that I have the skills and the motivation to succeed in this position and would be happy to prove it to you. Thank you very much for your time.

Council Representatives

MA Communication and Leadership- Kevin Adams,

MA Communication and Leadership- William Brown,

MA Communication and Leadership- William Crawford,

MA Communication and Leadership- Abigail Padfield,

MA Organizational Leadership- Rubena Cela,

MA Organizational Leadership- Daniel Oppong,

MA Organizational Leadership- Louise Sullivan,

MS Nursing- Melissa Cosgrove,

MS Nursing- Susan Edwards,

MS Nursing- Danilyn Severson,

MS Nursing- Thomas Sutherland,

MS Nursing- Kodi Tall Bull,

MAcc Master of Accountancy- Qingyuan Dong,

M.Ed Special Education- Jessica Fox,

MA/TESL Teaching English as a Second Language- Katherine Lempke,

MA School of Counseling- Leah Lorimer,

MBA Business Administrationr- James McCue,

MBA Business Administrationr- Yang Ouyang,

MS Transmission & Distribution- Zachary Starkey,

MA Philosophy- Tyler Wasson,

Council Representative Responsibilities Document

Graduate Student Association Advisor -Claudine Richardson, Student Involvement and Leadership, 

What do we do?

The Graduate Student Council provides leadership to and a voice for all Gonzaga Graduate Students.
It is our goal to:

  • Increase awareness of the Graduate Student population--both on-campus and distance students--at GU
  • Increase graduate student participation in campus events
  • Use this website, the Community page, and other social media outlets as hubs for graduate information
  • Increase inter-disciplinary communication between programs
  • Help the graduate student population experience the Gonzaga spirit

The Graduate Student Council hopes to achieve these goals by:

  • Creating a community atmosphere for graduate students
  • Presenting programming targeted toward the graduate student population, including those with families
  • Assisting graduate programs with funding for programming
  • Establishing and marketing through the Gonzaga Community website and Facebook group
  • Establishing relationships with faculty and staff to benefit current and future students

Important Information

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