Steps to getting academic credit for an internship

Students are eligible to earn up to a total of 3 academic credits through the internship program. Undergraduates in their junior or senior year and graduate students are eligible to apply for up to three internship credits.

Students must receive approval for internship credits BEFORE internship hours are started. Internships are NOT approved retroactively. In other words, students cannot apply for credit for an internship that is already completed. All internships must receive prior approval to count toward academic credit.

Beginning in Fall 2017, to get academic credit for an internship:

1. Complete student profile on Handshake and register to attend Internship 101.

2. Attend Internship 101.

3. Find internship either by searching Handshake, networking, or other methods

4. Once hired for internship, complete School of Business Internship Learning Agreement, including student-generated experiential student learning outcomes and supervisor-assigned student responsibilities.

5. Turn in completed School of Business Internship Learning Agreement, with supervisor's signature, to Career and Professional Development liaison in Jepson 125. Work with a Career and Professional Development staff member to complete registration form. 

6. Track hours and complete requirements of learning agreement.

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