Nancy Chase


Associate Professor of Management Information Systems

Nancy joined the SBA faculty in 1999.

B.M.: Indiana University 1974
M.M.: Indiana University 1976
Ph.D.: Gonzaga University 2002

Brief Biography

Nancy Chase is an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems in the School of Business at Gonzaga University. Prior to joining Gonzaga University, she worked in information technology for over 20 years in the utility, banking, and state government industries. Her research interests include work exhaustion and burnout, organizational behavior, the effects of IT culture on technology professionals, and the impact of technology on workplace environments.

Selected Publications

Chase, N. M., & Clegg, R. (2011, October). Effects of email utilization on higher education professionals. International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction,7(4), 31-45.

Beqiri, M., Chase, N. M., & Bishka, A. (2010). Online course delivery: An empirical investigation of factors affecting student satisfaction. Journal of Education for Business, 85(2), 95-100.

Chase, N. M. (2008). An exploration of the culture of information technology: Focus on unrelenting change. Journal of Information, Information Technology, and Management, 3, 135-150.

Beqiri, M., & Chase, N. M. (2008, Fall). Effects of degree of uncertainty and criticality on perception of waiting time: An empirical investigation in an educational setting. The Journal of Learning in Higher Education, 4(2), 1-8.

Chase, N. M. & Isaacson, N. (2005). Between a rock and a hard place: The clash of IT occupational culture with the press for organizational efficiency. International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, 4, 863-871.