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Gonzaga's Mathematics Department will host two regular meetings every month of the academic year.

Spokane Regional Mathematics Colloquium

(First Wednesday of the month - Jundt 110)

March 1, 2017Dr. Melody Alsaker

Contacts: Dr. Justin Marks and Dr. Shannon Overbay

Math Club Meetings

(Last Wednesday of the month - Herak 237)

February 22, 2016 Herak 237
There will be pizza!

Dr. Katharine Shultis will deliver her talk, "Equideomposability of Polygons"
Abstract: There are many ways of comparing polygons. For instance, we could compare their areas or perimeters. We could also ask if they are similar or congruent. In this talk we will explore a notion of comparing polygons, called equidecomposability, that involves breaking them into pieces and comparing the pieces. We'll look at some examples and then sketch a proof showing that equidecomposability is equivalent to having the same area.


Contacts: Dr. Richard Cangelosi

The following groups will be notified of meetings by faculty coordinators:

(Please contact the faculty coordinators to be added to the desired group)

Putnam Competition Club

(Meetings will be coordinated by Dr. Kearney and Dr. Wand)
Contacts: Dr. Kate Kearney and Dr. Jeffrey Wand

Pi Mu Epsilon / Washington Epsilon

(Meetings coordinated by Dr. Burch & Dr. Dichone)
Contacts: Dr. Nathanial Burch and Dr. Bonni Dichone

All meetings will be held from 5:10pm – 6:00pm


Previous Years' Events:  Fall 2012; Spring 2013; Fall 2013; Spring 2014

Gonzaga Band Member Tucker Keuter Finds

Harmony in Math & Music

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