Course & Candidacy Paper
This is a basic template* with very few instructions in a "click and type" format. It complies with APA 6 and DPLS specific guidelines. It complies with APA 6 and DPLS specific guidelines. It includes a “clickable” Table of Contents. For short course papers, use the same template, but the instructor may tell you to include or omit the abstract and/or table of contents for short papers. (*Note: This has been updated February 2013 to fix a bug that was not always enabling spellcheck.)

This new dissertation template complies with APA 6 and DPLS specific guidelines.

Beta Versions
The following are Beta versions of the new Dissertation and Dissertation Proposal templates (APA 6), based on the Course and Candidacy Paper template. The Beta versions are being made available in order to get feedback from users on what works, what does not work, and what needs to be improved.

Writing Guides

White Book (Instructional Guide)
The White Book includes specific instructions that will help you become a self-editor as you write your papers. It complies with APA 6 and DPLS specific guidelines. White book instructions generally apply to the Dissertation and Dissertation Proposal templates.

CSW Guide
To access the CSW Guide, click here. For more information about writing tutors and other help, go to the CSW page.

Blue Book
The Blue Book may be accessed two ways. You may download the pdf here or you may order a paper copy for $10 from Marnie Broughton (broughton@gonzaga.edu).

Helpful Paper Writing Hints
An on-going compilation of paper writing hints may be found here.

Grading & Rubrics

The faculty has collaborated to construct rubrics for class papers, the candidacy paper, and the dissertation. The rubrics are provided here to help students to understand some of the points of analysis faculty use in analyzing doctoral level scholarly work. In addition, all students are expected Gonzaga's high standards of academic honesty. For more information, click here.

Please send comments regarding any and all the templates to Dr. JoAnn Danelo Barbour, barbourj@gonzaga.edu, or cswhelp@gmail.com.

All Are Welcome Here
All Are Welcome Here