Master's Degree Info

 For more information about the new Master of Engineering in T&D Engineering, please check out the following documents:

Application Guide

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Grad Worksheet

Student Handbook 

Portfolio Guidelines

Mission and Goals

The School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) has developed an online Master of Engineering degree in Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Engineering. The program will provide fully online graduate level courses to utility engineering professionals who are interested in pursuing an advanced level degree but are unable to participate in traditional (on-site) graduate programs.

The degree program builds on our existing T&D graduate certificate which was developed to provide utility professionals with access to advanced educational opportunities. Each course in the program has been designed in collaboration with power industry experts to provide students with necessary technical and managerial skills for advancement in their power careers. The multi-disciplined program blends academic rigor with engineering practicum in a series of courses that include civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, along with engineering leadership topics to form an advanced degree in Transmission and Distribution Engineering.  Taught over 8 week sessions, the courses are offered online with flexible scheduling for busy power engineers.

Educational Offering

The following comprise the degree requirements for the Master in Engineer in T&D Engineering:

Course Requirements

Thirty-six (36) credits total;

  • 33 credits ( 6 credits may come from pre-approved  transfer courses)
  • 3 in leadership (TADP 556 capstone course offered in May with a one day mandatory on-campus visit for ethics and leadership workshops.)

Transmission Track Courses                                           

  • TADP 540             Transmission Line Design-Introduction                   3 credits
  • TADP 543             Electric Grid Operations                                           3 credits
  • TADP 544             Project Development & Construction Methods        3 credits
  • TADP 547             Underground System Design                                   3 credits
  • TADP 548             Transmission Line Design-Electrical Aspects         3 credits
  • TADP 640             Transmission Line Design-Advanced                      3 credits

Distribution Track Courses                          

  • TADP 541             Distribution System Design                                     3 credits
  • TADP 542             Substation Design                                                    3 credits
  • TADP 545             System Protection                                                    3 credits
  • TADP 547             Underground System Design                                   3 credits
  • TADP 553             System Automation                                                   3 credits
  • TADP 641             Power System Analysis                                            3 credits

Capstone Course                            

  • TADP 556             Engineering Leadership                                           3 credits


The ME in T&D Engineering requires a portfolio of appropriate coursework for graduation. Students may choose the final projects from three courses in their chosen track (Distribution or Transmission) to submit, with their strategic plan from TADP 556, as their portfolio. A faculty committee will review the portfolio and recommend for graduation or further work. Two paper copies of the portfolio and an electronic PDF copy must be submitted to the Director eight weeks prior to completion of all coursework.

Peter McKenny, PhD
Transmission and Distribution
Phone: (509) 313-5702

Jilliene McKinstry
Assistant Director
Transmission and Distribution
Phone: (509) 313-5701