Pre-requisite Policy

Gonzaga MBA Curriculum

Pre-requisite classes provide the necessary foundation for students to be successful in their graduate level coursework.  Students who have recently completed a business degree will have the majority of their prerequisites fulfilled. Additionally, students with extensive work experience in prerequisite subjects may be able to waive some courses.

Pre-requisites do NOT need to be completed in order to gain admission to the program.

Each student works with his or her advisor to assess pre-requisites and determine the most time and cost effective way to fulfill any incomplete pre-requisites. Gonzaga offers a series of combination courses and CLEP proficiency exams to expedite this process.

For an individual pre-requisite evaluation, please contact Kristen Paul, Prospective Student Advisor, at

Pre-Requisite Courses:

  • Accounting Analysis (covers Financial and Managerial Accounting, 1 and 3 credit courses available)
  • Principles of Finance (1, 2, and 3 credit courses available)
  • Statistics (1 credit course available)
  • Microeconomics*
  • Macroeconomics*
  • Business Law*
  • Management Information Systems*
  • Principles of Marketing*
  • Principles of Management*
  • Operations Management*

*These courses must have been taken within the last seven years with a C or better, or can be fulfilled with relevant work experience. If students do not have these courses fulfilled, they can be fulfilled by taking a CLEP exam. Click here for more information on CLEP exams.

Additional Pre-Requisite Courses for MAcc program:

  • Intermediate Accounting I
  • Intermediate Accounting II
  • Cost Accounting
  • Federal Taxation
  • Auditing


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