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A Message from our Chair

Welcome!  I invite you to join us on a journey of theatre and dance. Our season is jam-packed with opportunities for you to take part in our community in the arts here at Gonzaga and I want to encourage you to make the most of every second that you have here at this beautiful university.

You will have heard people say that the arts are great not only at preparing you to be designers, technicians, actors, directors, dancers, teachers and professionals but that the arts also promote useful, relevant and transferable skills, abilities and apitudes for any career, job or life path. But what does that actually mean, in real terms? The arts, particularly theatre and dance, can be a form of training in self-understanding that leads you to be able to form deeper and more lasting connections with others. There are a great many experiences that you can have in theatre and dance that can guide you to a richer empathy and understanding of contexts and situations that affect our emotions and actions.

Many of us here at Gonzaga are interested in the relationship between service to others, wanting to help people and the nature of being people for others. Theatre and dance studies can help us better articulate our empathy and ideas so that we can communicate effectively and positively with others.

How can this help you? Why learn these skills? How can the experience of making the choices necessary in theatre and dance productions such as costumes, lights, interpretation, settings, etc. be of benefit once you've graduated?  The answer is because you will learn to believe in your choices and be confident in your ability to make decisions. You will develop into a reflective, critical and synthetic thinker - you will be able to do anything! You will move juries as a lawyer, you will influence sales and be successful in negotiations. You will motivate classrooms full of children and youth.  You will better understand your neighbor and how better to be of service to your community with your passions and skills.

You can do all of that and more with a degree in theatre and dance because we will teach you how to put your mind into a fit state to think of ideas, boil them down to choices and put them into actions on the stage in collaboration wtih others. The stage is here at Gonzaga while you are studying with us but in the end you will have learned how to succeed on the great stage that is our world.  Go and turn thinking into action.

Kathleen Jeffs, D.Phil.

Chair, Department of Theatre & Dance


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