Welcome to the Writing Center!

Mission Statement

The Writing Center strives to serve all undergraduate student writers on the campus of Gonzaga University by providing free, non-credit learning support. Student writers of all abilities are welcome to visit the Writing Center as they produce writing for audiences in curricular, co-curricular, and pre-professional settings. The Writing Center's tutoring philosophy entails treating every student with respect and approaching each tutoring session as an opportunity for critical, rhetorically-sensitive dialogue. This dialogue usually addresses students' writing processes as well as their actual writing projects. 

Overview of Services

Students can visit the Writing Center at any stage of their writing project, including brainstorming, drafting, revising, and editing. While the Writing Center is not an copy editing service, tutors will help writers develop self-editing strategies. Students may come to the Writing Center by their own choice and by instructor referral. With advance request by faculty, group tutoring is a possible additional service, as are in-class orientation sessions (5-minutes or longer). The Writing Center also welcomes faculty to schedule class visits to the Writing Center, to learn more about the services provided by the tutoring staff. At present, the Writing Center does not offer online tutoring, but writers are encouraged to take advantage of the resources listed on this website.


You'll find the Writing Center just inside the main entrance of Foley Center Library, in the glassed-in area adjacent to the 24-hour Study Lounge. Come in for a visit!


The Writing Center hours for the Spring 2015 semester are listed below. We will be closed for all holidays and all Sunday nights that fall on holiday weekends. Thank you for your interest in the Writing Center!

Tuesday 10:00-8:00
Wednesday 10:00-8:00
Thursdays 10:00-8:00
Fridays 10:00-2:00
Sundays 5:00-10:00

Are you a Gonzaga student interested in applying for a tutoring position? If so, please submit the Writing Tutor Application form listed in the left-hand navigation bar. If you have questions related to the Writing Center, please contact Dr. Eliason, the Writing Center Director, at eliason@gonzaga.edu. Thank you.

Dr. John Eliason
Director of Composition and the Writing Center
Phone: (509) 313-6717
Email: eliason@gonzaga.edu