The Director has identified and recruited a group of industry experts with the appropriate background in engineering design, construction management, transmission and distribution system design, and grid operations.

Depending upon their area of expertise they have been assigned to one of the initial five courses being developed. These industry experts have been responsible for developing a course outline, syllabus, lecture sessions, homework exercises, capstone project opportunities, and course examinations. In short, they are developing all relevant materials as though courses were being taught in a classic lecture-classroom setting over the course of a full semester.

Once completed, the lecture material will be packaged into a format suitable for on-line presentation and delivered on-line over an eight week session. Both delivery and student-instructor exchange will be coordinated via a dedicated website, e-mail, and chat areas. To provide students with exposure to different industry and academic experts, several instructors will be used for each course. In addition, a GU Faculty member will be assigned responsibility for overseeing each course and maintaining overall academic integrity.

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Peter McKenny, PhD
Transmission and Distribution
Phone: (509) 313-5702
Email: mckenny@gonzaga.edu

Jilliene McKinstry
Assistant Director
Transmission and Distribution
Phone: (509) 313-5701
Email: mckinstry@gonzaga.edu