Mechanical Engineering

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It is the goal of the Department of Mechanical Engineering to develop men and women who are both competent engineers and educated, responsible human beings. The student's evolution into an educated and responsible human being is affected by course work from both the liberal arts and the profession.

Many engineers believe that a Mechanical Engineering (ME) degree is the most useful and versatile undergraduate preparation that you can receive.  Mechanical Engineers are trained to do a variety of things.  An ME degree could lead to a profession as an MD, CEO, Coast Guard rescue swimmer, mining engineer, astronaut or as a designer of power grids.

Some ME undergraduates go on to Graduate School but many do not.  A  mechanical engineering degree opens many doors of possibility!

Mechanical Engineers work in the following areas:

-Alternative Energy
-Transportation Design
-Nuclear Power
-Biomedical and Biomaterials
-Petroleum Engineer
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Contact: Toni Boggan
Phone: (509) 313-3913
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Dr. Steven Zemke
Chair of Mechanical Engineering
Phone: (509) 313-3554