Mechanical 14 - EPA P3 - Sustainability

Student Team: Ethan Bannister, Sidney Elmenhurs, Andrew Matsumoto, Melanie Walter
Advisor: Dr. Noel Bormann
Sponsoring Organization: EPA P3 Awards
Liaison: Dr. Noel Bormann

    In peri-urban Africa, women and children are disproportionately affected by unclean air and water. Our project is funded by the EPA’s P3 Program and focuses on developing technologies that improve drinking water and indoor air quality in the kitchens of Africa and increases sustainability. We use a ceramic water filter requiring less material than current filters with comparable contaminant removal rates. We also developed a thermoelectric-powered ventilation system that removes some airborne particulates created by the cooking fire. Finally the project also proposes an implementation plan using a framework of social entrepreneurship to create a startup filter manufacturer in Africa.


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