Kimball Router

ME 8 Team: Alex Wollin, Jonathan Chrisman, Julian Johnson, Keith Mowell
Jeff Nolting
Ken Lambie

The Kimball Office team’s objective is to design and fabricate a three dimensional programmable router to cut wire‐passageway slots into extruded aluminum corner posts that are used in the company's "Xsite" model of cubicle systems. The current process is labor intensive, and unsafe. The goal is reduction in production time to less than 180 seconds while collecting greater than 90% of machined chips. Through several brainstorming sessions, the team, with the help of engineers and machinists from Kimball, developed a final concept. Three ball screw assemblies are used to achieve the linear motion while a unique clamping system allows the work piece to be rotated while being machined. This machine will enable the aluminum posts to be produce quickly, efficiently, and most important, safely.

Download the research project's final report

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