Goodrich Loop Cooler

ME 6 Team: Brian Smits, Sean Moran, David Champous, Joseph O'Connell
Mike Keegan
John Finley

At the request of Goodrich Aircraft and Brakes, our task is to design, manufacture, and test a cooling system. The system is capable of recirculating a cooling media (Duratherm HF) at a constant temperature to an external heat source consistently, up to 72 hrs. Our design will incorporate a main cooling system, and a backup system that will prevent possible failures. This system will effectively remove a specified amount of heat energy from the heat source/furnace. The energy will be rejected by pumping the cooling media through a heat exchanger, and is cooled by an external water source at approximately 70° F. Also, the said device will be able to control a process heat source by supplying a cooling media at a specified set point temperature of 80‐450°F ±10%.

Download the research project's final report

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