Admission Requirements


1.  A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution

2.  A completed graduate application (APPLY NOW)

3.  A $50.00 non-refundable application fee made payable online at This fee is waived for Gonzaga graduates and International students.

4.  One official transcript from each college or university attended.  If you attend Gonzaga, please note that GU transcripts are ordered by the Graduate Admissions Office on your behalf.

5.  A minimum of two letters of recommendation specifically addressing the applicant's capabilities as a graduate student, sent directly from the recommending individuals to the School of Education Graduate Admissions office. (Use the form that is attached to this link).  Please note: family member recommendations are not accepted.
    a) One letter must be from a former college professor.*# (see below)
    b) One letter must be from the applicant's academic advisor.*# (see below)
    c) OPTIONAL third letter may be from a current or past supervisor.# (see below)

Note to Applicant - A letter of recommendation is a letter that makes a statement of support for a candidate.  This letter presents a well-documented evaluation, providing sufficient evidence and information to help an admission committee get a better picture of the applicant and his/her potential for success in a graduate program.  Transcripts, standardized test scores, and personal statements are vital components to the application; however an excellent letter of recommendation may make up for weaknesses in any of these areas.  Selection committees normally weed out mediocre application packets before focusing on the excellent ones.  This means that a brief letter with phrases like "good student" and "hard worker" that are not substantiated with examples will get placed aside in favor of the detailed letter that does not just tell but shows how qualified the student is.  Remember, what makes an application packet stand out from the others are not only grades and accomplishments, but the specifics of what the applicant did and how he or she went about it.  It is recommended that the applicant provide the individuals writing letters of recommendation with the information below so that the letter can specifically address certain items.

6.  Statement of Purpose - This letter should be a well composed document to highlight not only your writing capabilities but your interest in the program, your academic/professional accomplishments, and unique personal attributes that set you apart from other applicants and might enhance your likelihood of success in this program.  Please address your future professional goals and how this particular program will help you achieve those goals.

7.  Resume/Vitae/Experience - Please include a current resume and include your overall GPA and your major GPA in the document.


8.  Submission of foreign transcripts in the original language and a certified English copy

9.  An official TOEFL score of 88 ibt, 580 (written) OR an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher OR successful completion of Gonzaga University’s ESL program

10.  Copy of passport

11.  Completed financial declaration form with original supporting bank statements (showing at least US $22,900) or official letter from sponsoring agency.

(*)   Exception: Applicants with a major or minor from Gonzaga's Sport and Physical Education undergraduate program may NOT submit letters from professors/advisors within that program.  Letters may be submitted from professors in other programs at Gonzaga and/or past or current supervisors.  However, the letters must still address the applicant's potential to perform as a graduate student.
(#)   Exception: In the case that the applicant has been out of school for two years or longer, two letters from current or recent past (within the last three years) supervisors will be accepted.  However, the letters must still address the applicant's potential to perform as a graduate student.


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